VW Touran 2016 Review, Price

Initially released in 2003, the first generation of Volkswagen Touran did not do quite well. Volkswagen released the second generation Touran in 2010, which became immensely popular. Now almost after 5 years, the company has decided to upgrade and release this model as the VW Touran 2016. The automaker has decided to unveil this car in the Geneva Auto Show. Volkswagen will probably avoid an abrupt makeover and go for a basic upgrade.

VW Touran 2016 front

If they do so then the new variant will be able to take over its predecessor’s market and this strategy is important for Volkswagen because it will help them to retain their old customers and add a few new. No official details or specifications have been revealed yet. With exception of a few spy shots and leaked specs, most of the information is based on speculations of auto experts.

VW Touran 2016 Exterior and Interior Design

Major design upgrades include increased dimensions, MBQ platform shift and weight reduction. Engineers at Volkswagen have tried to implement a more aerodynamically efficient design on this variant which will make it look sleeker but it will retain its predecessor’s traditional boxy shape. Minor exterior upgrades include redesigned headlamps, bumpers and a new sporty front grill. Other than it that it will some with slightly better ground clearance. The exterior upgrade clearly depicts how Volkswagen is sticking to its marketing strategy. VW Touran 2016 cabin design is marvelous. The new seats are foldable and more comfortable as well.

Other than that, this car comes with a new and user-friendly infotainment system which is equipped with features like ‘Pure Atmosphere’, a multi zone air conditioning system, digital radio, etc. To add to that, this vehicle is also equipped with standard safety and security features like air bags, ABS, etc. As stated earlier, this vehicle will also go through weight reduction and will weigh less than 100 kg.

VW Touran 2016 interior

VW Touran 2016 Powertrain

VW Touran 2016 will be available in both petrol and diesel variants. The petrol options are e a 1.2 liter engine that can generate up to 108 HP, a 1.4 liter engine with a higher output of 148 HP and also turbo charged engine that can generate up to 178 HP. Diesel options includes two engines of 2 liter generating up to 148 HP and 187 HP. Rumors suggest that a turbo diesel engine variant of 1.6 liter can also be released. It will be capable of generating 108 HP. These engines will be coupled with a dual clutch seven speed gearbox. To add to that Volkswagen has implemented its Bluemotion technology on all the variants that make this car more fuel efficient and environment friendly. The 2016 variant will offer a mileage of 70.6 mpg whereas its predecessor could offer only 50 mpg.

VW Touran 2016 rear

VW Touran 2016 Release Date & Price

Volkswagen has divulged no official information regarding VW Touran 2016 release date or price. But most sources suggest that this variant will be available by the end of this year globally and by November in Europe. This car will be priced somewhere between $20k to $30k depending on the variant. Considering the upgrades, it can be said that the car has been priced quite reasonably.

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