VW Amarok 2016 Specs, V8, Review

Initially released in 2010, the Volkswagen Amarok was one of the most popular pickup trucks. Now Volkswagen is considered as one of the best truck makers and it owes its status to the Amarok. The company has decided to release VW Amarok 2016 by the end of this year and will come with several enhancements. This new variant will come with exterior and interior design upgrades. A new platform can as well be expected. Major powertrain upgrades are expected as well. This truck will be in stiff competition after its release.

VW Amarok 2016 front

VW Amarok 2016 Exterior and Interior

VW Amarok 2016 is probably one of the most beautifully and innovatively designed pickup trucks. It looks strong, reliable and stylish at the same time. The build quality of this vehicle will be better it is expected to come with new features like daytime running LED lights noble gas headlights. Other exterior upgrades include new and bigger bumpers and chrome finished front grill. On its rear, it will be equipped with hard cargo lid. This new variant like its predecessor will also be available in both two door and four door variants. The former will be able to accommodate six people including the driver.

Instead of designing VW Amarok 2016 interior like a pickup truck, the company has chosen to design it like a luxury car.

Finest quality of materials has been used to craft this vehicle’s interiors and the seats are really comfortable. They have been arranged strategically such that no space is wasted.

Other than that the best feature about this car’s interior will be its well equipped dashboard. It will be equipped with a fully functional LCD 6-inch display. Other than that, the steering wheel will be leather covered and it will be a multi function power steering with power window control, air condition control and cruise control. This car’s dashboard will be upgraded and made more users friendly. It will also be equipped with standard features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB 3.0 connectivity and FM radio, CD player or MP3 player support. Standard safety features include 2 airbags, traction system and an auto braking system.

VW Amarok 2016 interior

VW Amarok 2016 Engine Specs

The new VW Amarok 2016 is expected to be available in two engine options. First one will be a TDI 2 L engine which will be capable of generating up to 180 horses. And the second one will be a V8 engine of 4.2 L which will be capable of producing up to 420 HP. These engines will be coupled with either a manual six speed gearbox or an automatic eight speed gearbox. Amarok will be based on an all wheel drive system. Other than that this pickup truck will also offer improved fuel efficiency.

VW Amarok 2016 rear

VW Amarok 2016 Price and Release Date

Volkswagen has divulged no official information regarding VW Amarok 2016 price or release date, but most sources suggest that this new variant will hit the showrooms by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2016. It would to be hard to guess the price considering the enhancements but it can be roughly expected to be around $56k.

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