Volvo S90 2016 Price, Release Date

Recently, announcement has been made by Volvo regarding a series of changes referring to designation of its future models. New generation of XC90 will be keeping its name, while S80, XC70 and V70 will be getting new name in coming years. To be more specific, successor of current Volvo S80 will be known as S90 in future. The Volvo S90 2016 will be having some tough competitors, which includes a great vehicle such as BMW 5-series.

Volvo S90 2016 front

Volvo S90 2016 Exterior, Interior and Special Features

Unfortunately, exact details and verified information regarding exterior and interior features of 2016 Volvo S90 is not known yet. Even though there are no verified announcement from company, there have been several rumors and speculations regarding this vehicle. All the details are still a mystery. Anticipations are that this car will be based on same SPA platform as XC90.

This car will be coming with certain proportions which are not much different from the concept, design and style of S80. However, it will be influenced by the modern concept of XC90. With such modern improvement, it’s not surprising that this car will be having great looking curves for the accent. Front fascia of this car will also be distinctive and will be different from that of previous model. This is greatly because of an additional elegant grille and a LED daytime running lights for headlights.

Being a unique car that it is, Volvo S90 2016 is inspired by two car concepts. This car will be having a great cabin concept, which is inspired by cabin of XC90. Interiors will be affected by design language of cabin of XC90. Cabin will certainly be spacious and comfortable. It will be having premium leather upholstery, which will be offered along with wooden trims and metallic accents. Not only that, there will also be a big infotainment system and several electronic instrument. Other safety and entertainment features should also be included. All these features add up to generate a lot of interest.

Volvo S90 2016 interior

Volvo S90 2016 Engine Specs and Performance

When looking for more details, it has been reported that this car will be having the platform which is same as all new XC90. This means that Volvo S90 2016 will also be having same powertrain. It has been officially announced by company that they shall not offer a V12 or V8 engine. This car will be having turbo supercharged Twin engine hybrid.

There are indications that this vehicle will be getting same four cylinder engine as that of XC90. 2015 model of XC90 was powered by a 2 liter engine capable of producing 318 HP, while plug in hybrid generated approximately 400 HP. So, one can expect similar engine specification and performance in this vehicle.

Volvo S90 2016 rear

Volvo S90 2016 Price and Release Date

Since details regarding specifications and features of  Volvo S90 2016 is still unknown, currently nothing can be said regarding price and availability of this car. It is expected that this car will go on sale in later half of 2015. It shall be available with a price tag of $48,959.

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