Toyota Innova 2016 India, Interior

Toyota is performing a facelift currently on their Innova which has got a huge sale annually. This car has been spotted several times recently and leaked photos have gone viral rapidly. Toyota Innova 2016 is their flagship car under facelift category for the next year. Before you go and buy this car, have a glance at its important changes and its features. This time, there have been changes in appearance and will look different than its current version.

Toyota Innova 2016 front

Toyota Innova 2016 Changes

An aggressive feel has been bestowed in this ongoing facelift. They have tried to implement the feel of an SUV in this car. Wind shield has been replaced with a larger one and there is larger grille now with heating seats. Grille has been shaped edgy now with more polish and it looks quite better than before. Roundness of headlight boxes has been minimized which has increased the aggression on it. Headlights have been changed with LED ones which is the current trend. They run for a longer time and require lesser maintenance. Headlight and grille are responsible to larger extent for affecting the appearance of a car.

Toyota Innova 2016 Exterior and Interior

There are fog lamps as well on two corners of front damper. Another portion of grille lies in the bottom center of front damper. Toyota has not officially revealed anything about this car so far and all appearance info has been collected from leaked photos. There will be remarkable changes in exterior appearance and it will have an influence of Fortuner which is its sibling. Toyota Innova 2016 will have a flat and tall design in front which will be responsible for giving it a robust look. Grille is higher with bigger headlight boxes and brand new damper.

Toyota Innova 2016 rear

Platform of Innova will be changed to ladder frame type structure. These types of platforms are acclaimed worldwide to be very durable and rugged. Rear section will also receive changes and you will witness multi-layered boot lid along with changed rear damper and tail lights.

There will also be changes in dashboard design, bigger touch screen and improved seat quality. Best thing about Toyota Innova 2016 is its appearance which has been changed a lot. Hence they will also change its interior design to suit the exterior.

Toyota Innova 2016 interior

Toyota Innova 2016 Engine Specs

No information about engine specification of Innova 2016 has been known so far. But in all probability, this time there will be enhancement in performance. It is also being said that Toyota might release diesel versions of this car which will be having automatic speed transmission.

Toyota Innova 2016 Price and Release Date

2016 Toyota Innova is supposed to hit the India market in the beginning of next year. It has been fixed with a price of $15750 for the base version and will reach up to $25150 for higher versions. Main competitors of Toyota Innova 2016 are Honda Mobilio, Renault Lodgy and Nissan Evalia. These cars have got specifications similar to that of Innova. Interior technological consoles will be upgraded to their latest versions as required. There will be installation of few new consoles such as climate control, multi-functional steering wheel and reverse camera.

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