Skoda Superb 2016 Review

The Skoda automaker is one of the best in the entire Europe as well as in the world. This automaker has decided to produce the third generation of Skoda Super after the previous model has gotten up to 700, 000 buyers worldwide. For that reason, the Skoda Superb 2016 is going to be the third generation offered by this wonderful automaker to the car users. The exterior of this car is expected to come with lots of changes which will be made obvious at the front end. There is distinctively designed front grille, sharply cut headlights, and the side of this car is coming with narrow pillars and others.

Skoda Superb 2016 front

Skoda Superb 2016 Engine Specs

There is going to be about five distinctive petrol engines associated with this greatly built Skoda Superb 2016. There is also going to be three top quality diesel engines that will come with this amazing and great automobile. For the petrol engine options they will include; 1.4TSI with 125 per 200 Nm, 1.4 TSI 150PS/ 250 Nm, 1.8 TSI 180 PS/250 Nm, 2.0 TSI 220 PS/ 180 PS/250 Nm, 2.0 TSI 220 PS/350 Nm and 1.6 120 PS/ PS/ 250 Nm. the diesel engines include; 2.0 TDI 150 PS/ 340 Nm, and 2.0 TDI 190 PS/400 Nm.

Skoda Superb 2016 Specifications and Safety

The outward appearance of this Skoda Superb 2016 is really among the reasons why most people will go for it. It is designed with top quality exterior features both at the front and back end. The taillight at the back end of this car is designed with latest improved technology and untold craftiness making it perfect and elegant to look upon.

Skoda Superb 2016 interior

For the safety of users, some features incorporated in this car include, cruise control, stability control, navigation system, traction control system, airbags, seatbelts, and other amazingly built safety and security features.

Skoda Superb 2016 Fuel Economy and Competition

The fuel economy of this Superb 2016 is expected to be 30 percent better than the previous model f this car. For that reason, you are going to enjoy your cruise with this car within the city for up to and also you can enjoy your cruise on the highway for up to just with only one gallon of fuel in the tank of this car. The competitors include Citroen C4, 2016 Honda Accord, Ram, Nissan Titan and other innovative and top quality cars in the same segment. The interesting thing is that this car has what it takes to stand strong in competition with other brands in the market.

Skoda Superb 2016 rear

Skoda Superb 2016 Release Date and Price

Obviously, the release date of 2016 Skoda Superb has not been made known to the public by this wonderful and great automaker. However, it is expected that this car will make it to showroom before the end of 2015. The price is still wrapped without no reliable rumors. But it is expected that this car will be more expensive than the present model in the market due to lots of features that are loaded in it.

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