Skoda Snowman 2016 Changes, Release Date

After the success of the well known Yeti, Snowman is another SUV which Skoda is banking upon to make the market rise. The Skoda Snowman 2016 SUV is a muscular, sporty and balanced SUV which will be the best buy for rough terrain region. A report has unveiled that the SUV will be a seven seating and will likely be revealed in an event organized in Czech Republic. The new Snowman’s big capacity boot space and spacious interiors are the special attraction to the buyers.

Skoda Snowman 2016 front

Skoda Snowman 2016 Interior and Exterior Changes

The SUV will be richly equipped with various devices. There will be navigation devices as well as powerful audio system which can be accessed by a touch screen placed in the middle of the front area. The steering wheel will be covered by trimmed leather and latest cameras are installed. In the field of security Skoda has developed sensor technology which can click pictures of the one who is unknown to the car.

The external appearance of Skoda Snowman 2016 SUV will be quite robust. It is muscular from outside and resembles the look of Skoda Yeti and elegance of Skoda Octavia. Distinctive grille and sharp color of the vehicle will be eye catching. The wheels are of 17 inches and designed to go off road. The new model will have a much higher roofline. The vehicle can accommodate 7 to 8 passengers which mean a lot of inner space.

Skoda Snowman 2016 interior

Skoda Snowman 2016 Engine and Transmission

The Skoda Snowman 2016 SUV will be out with both petrol and diesel engines with much better fuel economy. The engine will be a 1.4L turbocharged inline 4 TSI providing 150 horse power. Another is a 2L Inline-4 TSI engine with 180 HP. Third versions is a gasoline engine 2L Inline-4 TSI with 220 horse powers. And the last is a 2L Inline-4 TDI engine featuring 220 HP which is a diesel engine. All has passed EU2 emission standards. It has built in CO2 filters which reduce carbon dioxide content by 65 g/km. All the various engine will have six-speed auto transmission with FWD as base and AWD an optional choice. These engines are Euro 6 standards from the Volkswagen palette.

Skoda Snowman 2016 Special Features

  • The Skoda Snowman 2016 SUV has a top speed of 190 kph.
  • This SUV has been given five star rating by the all car association.
  • Third generation Infotainment system and high speed internet based on LTE.
  • A 9 inch LCD is placed in front of the driver for driving assistance.
  • New parking assistance called Park Assist which automatically operated.
  • It will use a MQB B platform of superb combo and is rumoured to be 40 cm in length and have expansive side panels which ensure muscular appearance.

Skoda Snowman 2016 side

Skoda Snowman 2016 Release Date and Price

The sedan will serve as a direct competition to Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and Kia Sorento. The Snowman 2016 SUV will be available in March 2015 and will be priced between $30,000 and $40,000 as the base price and the extra price will be added to the base price.

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