Skoda Octavia 2016 Facelft, Model

This famous company Skoda is going unveil the sedan Skoda Octavia 2016 all over the world. Skoda has got many expectations with this sedan to take a sharp turn in the market. This car is about to make its debut at the European Auto exposition in 2015. As per the speculations, this car will be armed with a redesigned grill, newly decorated xenon headlights and revitalized bumper which gives the sedan a much needed facelift.

Skoda Octavia 2016 front

Skoda Octavia 2016 Interior and Exterior Changes

The sedan is 8mm more extended in its dimension, thereby increasing the inner space. The back seat has a lot of headroom and great legroom space. The speedometer is more advanced as Skoda puts in lot of money in the interior design. The air bags give more protection to the passenger and the increase in the width of the car allows better sitting facility.

Skoda Octavia 2016 interior

The wheel base is 80 mm more and front side is 61 mm shortened to give it an aggressive appearance. The sporty sedan looks beautiful from the side with the distinctive grille gives the appearance of a luxury coupe. It has an adaptive front light system and chiselled waistline. In the front of the Skoda Octavia 2016the LED lights are like tilted rectangles. The luggage space is 625 litres in volume much more than general sedans.

Skoda Octavia 2016 Engine Specs

The Skoda Octavia 2016 comes up with five engine options – 1.4L providing 126 PS and 210 Nm, 1.4L providing 160 PS and 248 Nm, 1.9 TSI featuring 172 PS and 240 Nm, 2.2 TSI providing 290 PS and 360 Nm for petrol, 2.0 TDI engine giving 180 PS and 396 Nm for diesel. All the engines have passed the EU6 emission standards and have a new high power steering for better turning. It has an essential 1.0 litre MPI three cylinder with 59 bhp, which can emit only a maximum of 106 g/km of CO2 emission. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in only 7.8 seconds which is due to the six speed DSG gearbox. All the engines have been decided to be paired with six-speed DGS gearbox. In addition to this we get all drive features with new 5th generation Haldex system.

Special Features

  • The Skoda Octavia 2016 has a top speed of 210 kph.
  • The audio systems have twelve speakers which consumes around 610 watt power.
  • Third generation Infotainment system and high speed internet based on LTE.
  • An 11inch LCD screen which has many options and supports Apple and other smart phones.
  • New parking assistance called Park Assist which automatically operated.
  • It adopts Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) with selection of driving mode and new technology allows panoramic tilt and slide roof.

Skoda Octavia 2016 rear

Skoda Octavia 2016 Release Date and Price

This model will serve as a direct competition to Voxwagon Jetta, Toyota Corolla and Renault Fluence. The Skoda Octavia 2016 will be available at the mid of 2015 and will be priced approximately $22,000 based on the TSI engine and other add-ons will be added to the based price.

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