Opel Antara 2016 Changes, Release Date

Opel is such a brand in the car industry which is raising its standard at an enormous rate. Customers are very happy with the way they are taking care of them. Opel has now decided to facelift one of their cars known as Antara. You must have heard about this car. If you are planning to buy an Opel, wait for few more months and check out Opel Antara 2016. This car was first launched in the year 2006 and it received its first facelift in 2010. But that was its first and last facelift.

Opel Antara 2016 front

Opel Antara 2016 Exterior and Interior

The car industry has grown a lot these past years and this car badly needed a facelift. This is the main reason behind upcoming Opel Antara. It is being said that Antara is going to be the successor of compact SUVs of Opel. This facelift will have lots of changes including change in engine performance and changes in interior consoles. Care has been taken in terms of appearance of this car as well and it will be made very attractive.

It is also being said that Opel Antara 2016 will have enhanced interior space than before. Spacing is one such thing out of many which customers look for in a car. This car has got specifications which are very similar to that of Buick Envision. So Envision is the main competitor of Antara as can be made out. Opel Antara has got U shaped grille with mesh type structure. Brand logo is embedded in the center of mesh structure. There are fog lamps of very small radius in two corners of front damper.

There is a small portion of front damper in bottom of front damper. Ground clearance is very optimum in Antara which is suitable for an on road drive as well as for minor off road drive. Standard quality 19 inches alloy wheels have been installed on Opel Antara 2016. This car will have few sharp lines on its exterior similar to those found on Opel Mokka. Mokka is the sibling of Antara and that is how Opel is related to both the cars.

Opel Antara 2016 interior

Opel Antara 2016 Engine Specs

New leaks reveal that chassis of Antara will be changed to install new spring shockers and new dampers. Fog lamps will be replaced with new ones which are advanced. There will be three colors of Antara namely, White, gray and black. As far as engine specification is concerned, Opel Antara 2016 has got a 2.0 liter engine turbo charged as its base version.  This engine can produce power of about 260 HP.  There will be another engine of 2.0 liter with CDTI Bi turbocharged technology which can produce power of 159 HP.

Opel Antara 2016 rear

Opel Antara 2016 Release Date and Price

Carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced in this version. It takes about 8 seconds of time to reach 60 mph from 0 in Antara 2016. This car is supposed to hit the market by the end of this year in the upcoming auto show of Germany. Opel Antara 2016 has been fixed with a price of $21,000 for the base version and it will reach up to $22,000.

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