Nissan Patrol 2016 Price, Release Date

One of the strongest and most aggressive designed cars of Nissan is Patrol. It is being modified into a new and better version at present to release Nissan Patrol 2016. This version will have exciting and tempting features which will attract more customers as claimed by Nissan. Most of the specifications have not yet been disclosed by the maker and it has been reported that concept has been formed of this car and the base for production of new version has been made. This time there will not be much change as this car has just received a facelift this year.

Nissan Patrol 2016 front

Nissan Patrol 2016 Least Changes

It was already made a well equipped car in terms of style and performance. There are few minor yet essential changes that need to be done on Patrol for which 2016 facelift is being performed. You can be rest assured about this fact that Nissan Patrol 2016 will have brand new exterior paint and few other changes that will mark the difference between 2015 and 2016 facelift. This particular SUV is very elegant and has got high demand. It has almost all necessary features in terms of consoles which are needed in a SUV.

Nissan Patrol 2016 Exterior and Interior

It is being said that this version of Patrol will be designed in such a way which will be very helpful in future. Engineers already know what are changes in industry arriving in near and future and they will make this Patrol compatible to those. Nissan Patrol was first launched in the year 1951 and then there were seven facelifts after that. It will be wrong to call it a facelift actually as there were changes in generation. In fact this car has received comparatively lesser changes since a car of 1951 gets much more changes. The last generation of this car people received was in the year 2010.

Nissan Patrol 2016 interior

Major changes that were brought about in last facelift were introduction of headlights of LED, new tail lights and new designed steering wheel. Nissan Patrol 2016 will not be much different from 2015 except for the fact that it might be of new vibrant colors and with new features. 2016 Nissan Patrol has got U shaped grille of horizontal metal slits. Brand logo is embedded right in the center of grille. Headlights are of standard size and of LED make with sharp reflectors which are fitted inside. LED lights are very economical since they require least maintenance and runs for a long time. A small portion of grille is installed on bottom of front damper. This takes in and gives out surplus heat.

Nissan Patrol 2016 rear

Nissan Patrol 2016 Engine Specs

There are fog lamps of small radius in two corners of front damper. These fog lamps come very handy when travelling through thick fog covered roads. These lights are of different material and its light can penetrate a longer distance through fog. Nissan Patrol 2016 has got a 5.6 liter V8 engine as its base engine which is very powerful. It can produce power of 400 HP with a torque of 410 lb ft.

Nissan Patrol 2016 Release Date and Price

This car comes in 5 or 7 speed transmission which is automatically controlled. Nissan Patrol 2016 has been fixed with a price of $45,000 for the base version and it will reach up to $55,000.

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