Nissan Micra 2016 Price, Review

Nissan has always maintained a class of its own. Build quality and finishing is their specialty. Out of the many cars they will be face lifting in the next year, Micra is one of them. Nissan Micra 2016 will be designed especially for Paralympics and Olympic game that is going to be held next year in Rio de Janeiro. This means that they will be designing this version in their best possible way and it will be filled with exciting stuff. They have left a mark on this particular face lifted Micra by putting golden markings on its sides and also on the inside.

Nissan Micra 2016 front

Nissan Micra 2016 Olympic Special

This is one of the best gifts Olympic 2016 are going to get. You can drive this car throughout your city and celebrate Olympic. The golden color will not be limited to sides and interior. This color will also be there on the roof, wheels, mirrors and spoilers. The list does not end there. Golden color has been provided on air vents, steering wheel and seams of seats. The dash board of this car will be molded with gold medal shade color.

Nissan Micra 2016 Exterior and Interior

In all probability, Nissan Micra 2016 will be a limited version. This trick has been performed by many brands before and nothing new. The trick is to bring out a car with new makeover based on some event and making it a limited version one. The car looks really wonderful with its gold medal color covering lower part of this car including wheels the rest of it is white color.

Headlights are of unique shape and LED made. They have got high quality reflectors fitted inside which reflect most part of the light. Grille portion is divided in two sections, the smaller one of which lies just below bonnet. Larger part lies in center of front damper. There are fog lamps as well of small radius on two corners of front damper.

Ground clearance has been lowered for Nissan Micra 2016 which has enhanced the appearance of this car. They have made sure that there is least chance of this car to hit the road. Nissan has kept mum about specifications of this car. It is still under production the only reason for this facelift as stated by Nissan is Olympic Games. They wanted to release something unique for Olympics especially and they thought Micra is best for this purpose.

Nissan Micra 2016 interior

Nissan Micra 2016 Engine Specs

Little has been known about this car which reveals that manufacture of this car will take place at France, Europe in Renault Flins situated near Paris. 2016 Nissan Micra might have a 1.6 liter engine of 16V with Flex Fuel technology which can produce power of 111 HP. This power output is bit low if compared with cars having similar specifications as this.

Nissan Micra 2016 side

Nissan Micra 2016 Price and Release Date

This car will hit the market by the end of 2016 and that is the reason Nissan is not revealing much details about this car. Price has not yet been known of Nissan Micra 2016. Keep checking online for price and other details about upcoming Micra.

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