Mitsubishi Montero 2016 Price, USA

The Mitsubishi Montero 2016 is set to come to the USA pretty soon, and this mid-size sedan is being sold in the American market again after a hiatus of 20 years. The new one is set to come with a fancy design and will look more refined and plush. It promises to be more comfortable and spacious, and will lock horns with the likes of Land Rover Discovery and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Mitsubishi Montero 2016 front

Mitsubishi Montero 2016 Interior and Exterior

The interior will have a luxurious design, with use of the latest technology and advanced features in its dashboard. As opposed to its predecessor, the new Montero will look more modern and have a superior quality. The cabin will look more spacious and the longer wheelbase will ensure more space in the interior. Considering the fact that Mitsubishi has plans to substitute its Gallant with the Montero, and it is also set to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover Discovery, you can expect Mitsubishi to redesign this vehicle completely.

The Mitsubishi Montero 2016 is rumored to be coming with a number of advanced features, such as parking sensors, Bluetooth and new navigation system, which would ensure optimum comfort for driver and occupants.

Mitsubishi Montero 2016 interior

The exterior of the Mitsubishi Montero 2016 is supposed to come with the greatest changes. It will have a new design, which would make it look more urban and trendy in appearance. It will have a sophisticated look and advanced materials are being used in the construction of the SUV. It will have an aerodynamic look, with low weight and robust materials. The car will be based on a new platform, which means that buyers can expect more uniqueness in the vehicle as compared to other offerings in its segment.

Mitsubishi Montero 2016 Engine Specs

It is being rumored that the vehicle will come with both petrol and diesel engine options, which has not been confirmed as yet. It is suspected that there will be a 2 L petrol mill powering the car with dual 60 KW electric motors. The motors will be very light in weight and powered by a super-strong lithium-ion battery of a lighter weight. The hybrid version of the SUV will be just all-wheel-drive oriented.

It is possible that the 2 L engine of the Mitsubishi Montero 2016 will be coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox.

Mitsubishi Montero 2016 rear

The fuel efficiency of this SUV is expected to be somewhere around 25 mpg. If it is indeed paired with an automatic transmission gearbox, the 2.0 L engine can be expected to return a good mileage.

Mitsubishi Montero 2016 Price and Release Date

The SUV is expected to have a price tag of about $50,000. However, Mitsubishi has not yet made an official announcement about the actual cost of the car.

The grapevine suggests that this mid-sized SUV will come to the market sometime during the middle of 2015 or during the first quarter of 2016. It is expected that the Mitsubishi Montero 2016 will be launched in the upcoming car shows this autumn or in the first quarter of 2016.

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