Mini Paceman 2016 Concept, Price

BMW owned iconic British car manufacturers, Mini, are back with one of their most promising car, the Mini Paceman. This new Mini Paceman 2016 is a very unique and different sort of a car and comes with a new and eye catching design. Mini lovers will be absolutely thrilled with this new design work which has been given to this brand new Paceman. In their effort to save this brand, the engineers and designers have seen to it that they have put in everything so as to make this car a masterpiece as it stands.

Mini Paceman 2016 front

Mini Paceman 2016 Concept

This brand new and latest edition of Mini Paceman, 2016 Mini Paceman is a masterpiece of a car when it comes to the designing. It has been done and dusted in such a way so that it comes with a great sporty look which will set up the auto market on fire. This is maybe a car which is intended for the sports vehicle cum family utility cars. To make this look suitable, the designers have made their way and have brought out this car with two doors less, which is the usual practice with sports cars. This latest version of 2016 Paceman also has a sleek and steep roof line which makes it loud and clear that this Paceman can show off its paces when required.

Mini Paceman 2016 rear

Mini Paceman 2016 Exterior and Interior

Further emphasis comes from the fact that this ride has been lowered by as much as 35 mm which announces that it can bite the ground while a sporty drift. New heights have been achieved in weight reduction as the designers and engineers have devised new means to reduce the weight of this baby by as much as 82 kilograms. This has been achieved by a judicious use of light weighting materials which have effected in cutting down weight.

Interior design of this 2016 Mini Paceman remains pretty much unchanged. Rear end of this car has been given a slight re-designing. The middle of the dash board again features the same circular large dial which has been present in the previous versions as well. Controls are laid out pretty well in an attractive manner and are very easy to use even for a novice person. Also included in this exciting Paceman, are exciting applications which can be used in customization of its cabin. Additionally, luggage capacity has also been enhanced with this new car coming with lots of liters for luggage capacity.

Mini Paceman 2016 interior

Mini Paceman 2016 Engine Specs

Exciting news for all those who are aspiring to buy this Mini Paceman 2016 is that, that it comes with a Cooper S version which is way more powerful than the base level or entry level car. This Paceman will be powered by a 1.6 L engine which has four cylinders and is turbo charged. This engine can effortlessly pump out as much as 181 BHP. Its dynamics has been improved a lot through improvement in aerodynamic design and reduction in weight.

Mini Paceman 2016 Price

Mini Paceman 2016 will come in a range of $23,550-$35,600.

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