Mercedes ML 2016 Interior, Release Date

This time it’s a sedan cum crossover. Named after an old Mercedes car, it has been rated as one of the best crossovers in New York Motor Show. Mercedes ML was first released 7 years ago and now it again comes back with totally new outcome and technology. Every component of this car has been updated and redesigned. The suspension technology is new among new cars. This car has been based on a CTS platform, which aims at decreasing the weight of this car. Mercedes ML 2016 is fascinating and professional in its look which gives a feel of Mercedes. It also has amazing aerodynamics which is that of a sports car and this effect in aerodynamics has increased its speed to a large amount.

Mercedes ML 2016 front

Mercedes ML 2016 Engine Specs

Under the hood of Mercedes ML 2016, petrol and a diesel engine are for sure. But, the Mercedes is thinking of providing a supercharged engine in order to generate more power to the engine. The petrol engine will be a SKY Active engine which will produce around 250 horsepower and a maximum torque of around 160 lb-ft. Whereas, the diesel engine will be a V6 engine which can produce around 230 horsepower and a maximum torque of around 195 lb-ft. Both of these engines are powered to be run in seven speed automatic transmissions. This car can accelerate to around 60 mph in just 5.7 seconds and provides a mileage of around 23 mpg in city roads and 29 mpg on highways.

Mercedes ML 2016 rear

Mercedes ML 2016 Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of Mercedes ML 2016 is a little L shaped and the aerodynamic technology installed in it is called Superfast technology. The whole chassis has been redesigned and fog lights have been introduced, which also has anti fog technology. This fog lights are mainly made up of neon and xenon bulbs. There is a camera in the back side of this car which is mainly used to figure out the traffic in the back. A front bumper made up of high carbon content material called pig iron is installed to minimize the effect of accidents. The bonnet of this car has metallic colors which shine in sunlight. You can also see two exhaust pipes being fitted in the bottom back of this car.

Interior space is comparably good for a sedan cum crossover. The Mercedes ML 2016 has auto car refresher system, also called the auto climate control. Because of the light weighted chassis, this car has a capacity to hold about 250 kg of weight in the luggage space. The inside is flooded with a surplus amount of softwares and technology. Some are, one 3.0 Bluetooth port, a USB port, iPad and iPod facility. It also has updated Infotainment systems and a camera sensor which has added facial recognition feature. The airbags installed in this car is manufactured by Carlon which is known only for its airbags.

Mercedes ML 2016 interior

Mercedes ML 2016 Price and Release Date

The Mercedes ML 2016 will be available in the market by June, 2016 and will be priced within a range of $40,000 to $50,000.

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