Mercedes GLC 2016 Price, Release Date

A brand new Mercedes GLC 2016 is all set and suited up to get ready, get out and make its mark on the world. It has come under camera while testing and from pictures seen, it is sure that this baby will be a stunning one as it gets redesigned from grounds up. It is perfect for those people who want to genuinely flaunt their social status and create an impression on people, just as this car. This latest Mercedes GLC 2016 is ready to set sail with a lot of changes and will make each of your dollars spent, count.

Mercedes GLC 2016 front

Platform Architecture and Body Work

Mercedes C Class is going to share some of its mechanical keystones and footings with the architecture of the platform of this latest Mercedes GLC 2016 as both have received touches from the engineers at Mercedes at the same time. Aluminium chassis will be used which is very light in weight. High strength steel will be used along with it as it will be effective in improving 2016 GLC’s fuel consumption figures and will also improve handling and drive quality. Another exciting update is that, 2016 GLC will be available in right hand drive system as well which is a good news to people in countries such as United Kingdom and Australia.

Mercedes GLC 2016 Engine Options

Three engines options will be provided in all possibility:

  • A 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged 241 BHP petrol unit
  • A 2.1L diesel 4-cylinder unit
  • A 3.6L turbocharged V6 unit

AWD or RWD will be provided as options. Fuel economy 19/25 mpg.

Mercedes GLC 2016 rear

Mercedes GLC 2016 Exterior and Interior

As much as five adults will be able to comfortably sit in the spacious and luxurious seats of this 2016 GLC. A stylish dash board design with a monitor with touch sensors which houses the car’s infotainment system, Mercedes GLC 2016 will surely create new benchmarks. Luggage can also be carried for which a space of 450 litres have been allotted. Latest technology has been provided for and new looks will feature in steering wheel, gear knob and seats.

Mercedes has stuck to the basics and traditions of passenger car line up design while working on this 2016 GLC. Mercedes’ performance brand, AMG, has brought in quite a few new and exciting features for this car which will feature an uncompromising and determined air dam design. This will be supported by satin feel highlights and a sporty looking grille design. GLC SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) will have lot of strong lines on its body and will have head lamps powered by LED lighting technology.

2016 Mercedes GLC will feature a lot of changes which will easily catch one’s eye. It will have five doors, wider tracks on wheel and broader wheel base. It will be quite an attractive target for car buyers and car enthusiasts. Mercedes GLK may have received criticism for not being sporty and being plump and fat but fear not, this 2016 GLC will be changing all that. Its solid and power packed designs and features will be shutting everyone up.

Mercedes GLC 2016 rinterior

Mercedes GLC 2016 Price and Release Date

Mercedes GLC 2016 will start at $39,000 to $42,000. Rivals of this model are BMW X3, Porsche Macan and Audi Q5. Release date is expected in mid-2016.

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