Mercedes GL 2016 Price, Release Date

After recent success in the market with the release of Mercedes S class, the company is ready to come up with the Mercedes GL 2016 next year. It was demonstrated in the Chicago Motor Show in 2015, where it was presented with its smooth metallic colored body. This model is about to provide many engine options with high power back up. Talking about safety, Mercedes is providing the best air bags and comfortable seat which also has headed protective covering. It was also demonstrated in the L.A. Motor Show in 2014. It will come out with 10 exterior metallic colors and 12 interior colors. The best part is the Cinnabar red metallic paint and five years of free service.

Mercedes GL 2016 front

Mercedes GL 2016 Engine and Transmission

Mercedes GL 2016 is expected to have a twin turbo, supercharged engine. By the way, its AMG model is going to have a V6 engine which has a capacity of producing around 220 HP and a maximum torque of about 180 lb-ft. It is also said that this SUV will be given another engine called the SKY Active engine which will be producing 260 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of maximum torque. But the fact is both of these engines will be running on a seven speed automatic transmission. It is expected to provide a mileage around 24 mpg in city roads and 36 mpg on highways.

Mercedes GL 2016 rear

Mercedes GL 2016 Exterior and Interior Design

This SUV has authentic and professional look, which is a status for the Mercedes. In order to increase speed and acceleration the chassis is made up of aluminium and carbon, which decreases the weight of this car. The front grille has been redesigned with metallic plated content. This platform in which it is built was first introduced by Buick in 2006. The LED has a special attraction to the customers that is shaped in a new way. Wheels are about 19 inches and are of high carbon content. This SUV has electronic doors which are theft detectable and has micro sensors which can alert by flashing light if there is something unknown to it.

Mercedes GL 2016 is full of technology and softwares for which it is known. The interior comes out with 12 different colored and textured materials. The cargo space has been increased in order to accommodate more luggages. There are about 7 seats, which are divided into 3 row combinations. For entertainment, you always have the 8 speaker Dual Dolby with bass boosters. The GPS system available in this car can show roads with the help of Google maps and also has tracker technology available. In the dashboard there is a large 12 inch LED flat screen which comes handy for Park Assist technology to work properly.

Mercedes GL 2016 interior

Mercedes GL 2016 Price and Release Date

Mercedes GL 2016 competes heavily with the Cadillac Escalade and Audi Q7 mainly in engine area and this SUV will be expected in March, 2016 all over the world with a staring price of around $60,000 to $90,000. This price might increase afterwards.

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