Lexus NX 2016 Release Date, Review

The latest piece of beastly equipment from Toyota owned car manufacturing company, Lexus, is another masterpiece, which has been making its mark all over the world even before it has arrived in the market. This medium sized cross over SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), which is named Lexus NX 2016, is the talk of the auto world and in spite of the fact that Lexus Motors have been trying their best to contain information about this car; it has spread throughout like a viral disease, a disease which many would like to bear. NX, in its name, stands for Nimble Cross over. Only time will tell how nimble this car with be when it comes to compete in the ever popular segment of medium sized crossover SUVs.

Lexus NX 2016 front

Lexus NX 2016 Exterior and Interior Changes

Of so many things going right with this car, its exterior design will be nothing but another box to tick green if you are planning to own this latest 2016 NX. The presence and attitude of the car, as it stands on idle, alone has given it another dimension where the only parameters that can be used to define anything are beauty, luxury, sportiness and pure and raw power. Backing up this unique yet hallmark Lexus design is an innovative upper grille which has been fabricated from nylon.

Lexus NX 2016 will come a bit smaller than its sibling, Lexus RX, by about 140 millimetres. Length, width and height numbers stands at 4630 mm X 1869 mm X 1645 mm which has thus got lots of space. Wheel base spans across 2660 mm, which is again quite decent. Coming as a future car, it design will be such that it will excite especially the younger generation of buyers. 2016 NX also boasts of best in class luggage capacity as well as ample leg room.

Lexus NX 2016 rear

The work that the designers have put in the interior of this latest Lexus NX 2016 surely deserves a pat on their back. The design that the interior boasts of has not only exquisite stitching and upholstery to brag about but also the latest technology. This wondrous cabin gives us an idea of how much planning and experimentation has been put in, in order to bring out this marvellous masterpiece. A new addition in the form of Advanced Human Interface will be equipped which will cater to all the comfort needs of passengers and will serve as an all-in-one solution.

The manufacturers will be releasing three trim levels for this NX, namely,

  • 200t
  • 200t F Sport
  • 300h

Built platform that has been used is a new MC platform.

Lexus NX 2016 interior

Lexus NX 2016 Superb Engine Performance

Equipped under the hood and powering this brand new Lexus NX 2016 will be a direct injection inline four cylinder engine which will also be naturally aspirated. This naturally aspirated unit will be coupled with a superb six speed automatic transmission and will be breathing tremendous amount of power, to the tune of 225 BHP to 250 BHP.

Lexus NX 2016 Release Date and Price

Lexus NX 2016 will hit markets by late 2015 and will be tagged off at $20k cheaper than its RX sibling. Rivals are on the market to this model are BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

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