Lexus LX 2016 Release Date, Redesign

Lexus has got a different genre altogether. They have always maintained a classic style with mind blowing performance. This time they are performing facelift of many of their cars and LX is one of them. Lexus LX 2016 is an all-time popular car which was first launched in the year 1995. You can understand how popular this car is since it is running for twenty long years now. You must have wondered why Lexus has given such a small abbreviation name for this car. Well, LX actually means a Luxury Crossover.

Lexus LX 2016 front

Not available in Japanese market

This is one of the many surprises and you are yet to receive other ones. Lexus will never stop surprising you. Lexus LX cannot be bought from Japanese market since Toyota does not wish to add a competition to their already popular Land Cruiser. They have adopted this marketing strategy so that both these cars gain popularity in their respective locations. LX has got several categories and 570 is the most expensive one. This is also that car which has got huge number of consoles and great comfort.

Lexus LX 2016 Exterior and Interior Redesign

Dimensions of this car comprises of 197 inches in length, 77.6 inches in width and 75.6 inches in height. Wheelbase of Lexus LX 2016 is 112.2 inches. One of the most remarkable things you will notice in this facelift is its redefined grille which has got an hourglass shape. The grille has been accompanied by modified front bumpers which altogether have given a better aggressive and sportier appearance. Suspension system has been enhanced in this facelift to increase its comfort level. Seating capacity of Lexus LX 2016 is seven to eight passengers which have been estimated with adults.

Another remarkable feature of this car is that it has been added with a new GPS system where their touchscreen with display info in English, Spanish and French. This level of high end technological consoles in LX defines how exotic and luxury this car is. Some of its worth mentioning features are USB, climate control of four zones, heated type steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, audio player with nineteen speakers all around, stability control, air bags, auto parking assistance and satellite radio. This car is also powered by Pandora Link which is helpful in iPhone connectivity.

Lexus LX 2016 interior

Lexus LX 2016 Engine / Fuel economy

Under the hood, Lexus LX 2016 has got a 5.7 liter engine V8 with electric motor as base engine. This engine can offer a power of 385 HP with a torque of 405 lb-ft. Top speed of this vehicle has been rated as 140 mph. 2016 Lexus LX takes about 7.5 seconds of time to reach 62 mph from 0.

Fuel economy of this car is around 17 mpg for highway drive and around 12 mpg for city drive with 14 mpg as average. Fuel tank capacity is 24.6 gal which is impressive.

Lexus LX 2016 rear

Lexus LX 2016 Price and Release Date

This is undoubtedly a wonder car for any person. Lexus LX 2016 has been fixed with a price of around $84,000 for the base version which is reasonable. Higher versions will be priced higher which is obvious.

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