Land Rover Defender 2016 USA, Price

This model Land Rover Defender 2016 is going to offer some major improvements. This model will serve a much better option that any of its previous models. Why is that? This is because Land Rover has confirmed that their 2016 model will receive some major improvements in terms of its exterior design and interior interface. Apart from that, you can really look forward to some amazing engine specifications as well in this new 2016 model for Land Rover. Even though there has not been any important announcement on the official note, Land Rover is really going forward with this plan. In fact, you can expect this model to come out very soon – as early as the end of 2015 or so.

Land Rover Defender 2016 front

Having said that, let’s have a look at the various features that are going to be included in Land Rover Defender 2016. Certain credible sources confirm that this automobile company is looking forward to make sure that customers are fully satisfied with this car – with its top of the line quality and its amazing design specs.

Land Rover Defender 2016 Engine Performance

The Land Rover Defender 2016 will definitely be flexible in terms of engine choice sand performance specs. This implies that this model will have more than one engine options – preferably, both in gasoline and diesel choices. Some sources also suggest that a hybrid configuration might be available during later stages of production. Having said that, this company is looking forward to introduce its new generation engines – Ingenium – to this 2016 model. So, this car might have an inline 4 cylinder gasoline engine and a V6 cylinder turbo diesel unit. Transmission modules include an 8 speed or 9 speed automatic gear box. Still, people are really excited to get their hands on a hybrid configuration – comprising of an electric motor, with a Lithium ion battery unit.

Land Rover Defender 2016 rear

Land Rover Defender 2016 Exterior and Interior Changes

Sophistication is going to be a major philosophy while upgrading this 2016 Land Rover Defender in terms of its design and architecture. It has been reported by credible sources that Land Rover will not be using their traditional DC100 concept design to structure this 2016 model. Rather, they will be going with a newer design that offers a lighter vehicle so as to improve its overall aerodynamic capacity as well as its stability and handling. This car will be constructed on its PTA platform in order to ensure better visibility as well as improve its exterior lines. New bumper design and innovative head lights will be used as well.

Land Rover Defender 2016 interior

Interior specs will be modified to make sure that new technology finds its place there. The dashboard will be reconfigured – so that better infotainment module might be placed. Along with that, new audio unit will be used and connections are going to a lot better.

Land Rover Defender 2016 Price and Release Date

There has been no information on the pricing attributes of this car. However, many sources report that the Land Rover Defender 2016 will be charged around $60,000. This car will hit the USA showrooms and major dealerships by middle of 2016.

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