Kia Rio 2017 Review, Hatchback

As technology advances, needs turn to wants and wants turn to needs. The car industry has more standards and rules to meet our consumers’ needs. With people being busy and needing everything on the go and people spending more time in their vehicles. Our advances in technology is a necessity for people these days with work and school and family. Employers are expecting more out of employees which in turn expects more driving and cell phone needs. We as consumers are looking for a more convenient and comfortable and affordable car and Kia might have the answer with new Kia Rio 2017.

Kia Rio 2017

Kia Rio 2017 Redesign

The Kia Rio has become a more popular vehicle for use due to its fuel efficiency, versatility, and affordable price. The new 2017 Kia Rio offers many models to choose from and gives consumers a redesign on the older look. Since cars are more expensive, consumers have been turning to imports such as Kia because other domestic cars and trucks are hard to find at a price they can afford. The new 2017 Kia Rio still maintains its affordability, features, and brings in some much needed appeal. The grill is a bit thinner and the outer trim is expected to be more appealing to the eye. Both the Sedan and Hatchback version are expected to have more leg room and more comfortable riding and driving.

Kia Rio 2017 Features, Design and Specs

The Kia Rio 2017 can be compared to other compact cars from Toyota, Hyundai, Ford and more. The sedan and hatchback will include models like the EX, LX, and SX models. The SX models will offer more interior features and options. Still with the same price tag as previous Kia’s before. The Kia Rio is expected to be thousands less than some more cars, and come with more standards and more features. The 2017 Kia Rio will include an improved Eco package with a start and stop technology. The safety features will keep you safe at all times and keep you in your family safe and worry free.

Consumers are hoping for more leg room for back seat passengers and other improvements needed over the previous year’s models and more comfortable front seats and engine performance when in active Eco mode. The new Kia Rio 2017 should include all new technology like the blue tooth, Sirius XM radio, and more.

Kia Rio 2017 interior

Kia Rio 2017 Engine Options

Under the hood will be a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine with 138 horsepower. It will include a six speed Manual and auto-manual transmission. The fuel efficiency will be just as good as previous models, it is estimated at 28 miles per gallon in the city and 38 MPG on the highway.

Kia Rio 2017 side

Kia Rio 2017 Release Date and Price

The new Kia Rio is expected to debut in in South Korea during the third quarter of 2016. The release in the U.S., Canada, throughout Asia, and other markets by the end of the year. The new Kia Rio 2017 expected to range in price from 14,900 two under 21,000 for the higher in the SX model. As the year progresses we can look forward to Kia to help us save money and have more convenience while in our car and performing daily activities.

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