Kia Rio 2016 Review, Price

Kia has often come forward with special editions of their cars that are especially meant for attracting more buyers. This model of Kia Rio 2016 has been made for the very same purpose. This new model will be powered with a very powerful configuration – which can effectively make sure to surprise the customers with its elegant look and efficient power. In terms of its engine configuration, this car can guarantee a better power output, along with providing far superior handling, as well as improved fuel consumption rates.

Kia Rio 2016 front

Since this 2016 model of Kia Rio is going to be available in 2 separate variants – namely, Sedan and Hatchback – customers have a lot to look forward to. Both these variants have some interesting technology, along with several engine improvements as well as a high security module for better safety. What’s more interesting is the fact that 2016 Kia Rio cars have a really low price range – so that customers are able to get these without any monetary issue at all. Now, have a look at the various features of this car that are available with this car.

Kia Rio 2016 Design Features

The automakers have really put in a lot of their time and effort to make this Kia Rio 2016 a success in terms of their redesign features as well as new input designs. Its exterior chassis has undergone some major modifications – lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber has been used to construct its interior chassis design. In this way, the car weight has decreased, thus improving its aerodynamics and overall handling. Its fuel economy ratings have also improved due to decreased ride weight. Its fuel consumption can really be checked by this mechanism.

Kia Rio 2016 interior

Bumper designs have been altered to accommodate a streamlined exterior design. Head lights have been modified, with latest LED technology. Interior specs are also quite amazing – with the latest technology and improved innovation. Fine quality leather seats are very comfortable, and the overall is covered with the finest upholstered materials. Its dashboard has been modified – with the inclusion of latest high-tech gadgets and control modules. New audio system has been added along with a different infotainment module as well as new communication systems.

Kia Rio 2016 Improved Power train

Engine options of Kia Rio 2016 look really good, even though there has not been any confirmed news regarding the exact types and models of engines to be used. However, some rumors are pretty suggestive of one particular engine. It is a 1.6 liter inline 4 cylinder unit that is capable of generating 138 HP as well as 123 lbs. feet of torque as its power output. Transmission involved is a 6 speeds manual or auto gear box. Since this vehicle is going to be produced in multiple trim variants – namely, SX, LX, and EX – you can certainly expect another engine configuration during later stages of production. Fuel economy ratings are not available as of yet.

Kia Rio 2016 side

Kia Rio 2016 Release Date and Price

The Kia Rio 2016 might come out in stores by the middle of 2016. As of its pricing attributes, sources indicate that it might cost somewhere between $14000 and $20000, since its sedan variant is likely to cost a bit more.

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