Honda Jazz 2016 Interior, Model

Honda Jazz 2016 will be a new update of Honda Jazz, the trustworthy subcompact model which has been there since 2001 and has been enjoying many upgrades and sales since that time. This small vehicle is ideal for daily commuting purposes. The 2016 version was set to arrive in 2015 summer but its release will be delayed a little after all. Upcoming version would be more plush and larger in size. It would have more affordable cost, better fuel efficiency as well as hybrid options.

Honda Jazz 2016 front

Honda Jazz 2016 Interior and Exterior

Its internal space would be bigger. The seats will be covered in high quality leather; they would offer more comfort as well as more features. You can get magic seats which can be folded up to make greater amount of luggage space. You can find a big LED display to offer information about distance covered, fuel consumption & more. There will also be other features like dual tweeters, a USB adapter, 4 speakers, GPS navigation system & power molding mirrors among others.

Car exterior will have slight changes to offer more enjoyable driving experience for daily commuting. Honda Jazz 2016 is set come with a more prominent & stylish grill, large obtrusive headlamps, and classic short hood among other slight variations. This car will have 4 doors. It would be capable of seating 5 adult occupants, who can stay comfortable even on long-distance trips.

Honda Jazz 2016 interior

Honda Jazz 2016 Engine Specs, Fuel Economy

You can find a hybrid engine package option and even a standard engine package option. The standard engine would be a 1.3 L power mill with 4 cylinders and an inline configuration. It would have the capacity to produce 100 lb-ft peak torque as well as maximum power of 130 hp.

The mileage figures are slightly lower with the manual transmission, 29 mpg on city roads with 37 mpg on highways. Its AMT version offers a higher mileage of 33 mpg on the city and 42 mpg on the expressways. This will make this vehicle more fuel economical as compared to its preceding version.

Buyers can pick from a 7-speed automatic transmission or a six speed manual transmission option. The Honda Jazz 2016 AMT version is likely to offer greater fuel efficiency. For better fuel economy, consumers can expect a 7-speed automatic transmission gearbox from Honda.

Special Features

Honda Jazz 2016 will have many features, including GPS navigation system to help drivers, power folding mirrors, magic foldable seats, a big LED display, two tweeters, a USB adapter, 4 speakers, CD stereo audio system, speedometer etc. You can expect ABS, EBD, door open warning notification apart from other safety features. Then there would obviously be air-conditioning system for making long-distance trips comfortable during summer months.

Honda Jazz 2016 rear

Honda Jazz 2016 Release Date and Price

Although Honda has not made any official announcement regarding its price tag, this vehicle is expected to come with a price tag of about 17,000 USD. This car was supposed to come in summer months of 2015. It seems it will be slightly delayed. Honda has confirmed that Honda Jazz 2016 would arrive in mid-2015.

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