Ford Kuga 2016 Review, Interior

Ford Kuga is a very famous car in European market. It is gradually gaining popularity in US market as well. The brand has focused on facelift this car presently. Hence, Ford Kuga 2016 is what you should concentrate on at present. This SUV is very spacious and comfortable. Headlights are of standard size, but of high standard LED lights. Grille section is a trapezoid shaped and made of two horizontal slits of metal. Brand logo is embedded in the center of grille. Besides being a wonderful SUV, this car is a perfect car for family trip. It has got space and comfort which are prime aspects of long drive.

Ford Kuga 2016 front

Ford Kuga 2016 Exterior and Interior

Performance is praise worthy too which will make your journey smarter. Ford Kuga 2016 is an all wheel drive vehicle and hence it is way easier to drive even through difficult road conditions. An SUV with all road drive capability is what you need to drive comfortably even in off roads. There are two fog lamps of larger size in two corners of front bumper. A portion of the grille lies in center bottom portion of front bumper. A special layer of protection is provided on bumper which protects the bumper itself. Ground clearance is neither too high to make the appearance worse, nor too low to increase chances of hitting the ground.

There is stability control feature installed in this car so that you can drive firmly if you find it difficult to drive with all wheel drive feature. Other features include seven airbags for protection, emergency assistance and advanced alarm. Emergency assistance will work when there is an emergency such as collision. There is also an engine immobilizer which will deactivate the engine in cases like forceful theft.

Consoles include parking assistance system, DAB radio along with satellite navigation and last but not the least, Sony audio system. Other consoles include Bluetooth, navigation, climate control, heated seats, etc. Most consoles will receive upgrades of latest versions as required.

Ford Kuga 2016 interior

Ford Kuga 2016 Engine Specs

High quality alloy wheels of 20 inches make the appearance more attractive. This time, Ford has installed the car with broader wheels which can withstand more pressure. Interior is being redesigned in entirely new way to make to more mesmerizing. As far as engine specification is concerned, Ford Kuga 2016 has got a 1.6 liter engine with EcoBoost technology as the base version. This engine can produce power of about 150 HP. There is yet another version of this car with 2.0 liter engine also with EcoBoost and TDCi technology. This engine can produce a power of about 163 HP.

Ford Kuga 2016 rear

Ford Kuga 2016 Price and Release Date

Ford Kuga 2016 has been fixed with a price of around $22,000 for the base version. This price will increase if higher version is chosen or there are more consoles than consoles of base version. This car is supposed to hit the market by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself ready to check out this car as soon as it hits the market.

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