Ford Fiesta 2016 Release Date

Do you know which the smallest car in Ford family is? You guessed it right. It is Fiesta which will coming up in new attire soon. Yes, Ford is face lifting this car which will be out in the market as Ford Fiesta 2016. This car was discontinued in the year 1980 and then again it made a comeback in 2009. After such a long time, Fiesta is going to have a facelift which means only one thing. This time there will be many changes in this car. Fiesta is a compact car in true sense yet it provides wonderful features irrespective of its size.

Ford Fiesta 2016 front

Ford Fiesta 2016 Exterior and Interior

The best thing about small cars is that you have great advantage in parking. Also they do not have high end specifications and hence you get good fuel economy. Coming to the appearance, Ford Fiesta 2016 will be available in many vibrant colors. All the colors look very bright and paint quality is better than before. There is a grille section in the shape of a trapezoid. Grille is mesh type and small portion of grille is placed in front damper of this car. Headlights are of standard size but have got great style. They are aligned at an angle and there are superb reflectors fitted inside which will reflect most part of the light.

Ford Fiesta 2016 interior

Headlights are of LED which is very popular these days. They require least maintenance and are very pocket friendly. Also they produce light of white color. Logo of maker is embedded in the center right at the end of the bonnet. There are two fog lamps as well in two corners of front damper. They are of small radius but very useful in foggy winters. These lights are of different quality which penetrates to more distance through thick layers of fog, hence the name. Clear vision is very necessary while driving a car to avoid accidents. Alloy wheels of high quality have been installed in Ford Fiesta 2016 and they have got colored designs which matches with car body paint.

Ford Fiesta 2016 Engine Specs

As far as engine specification is concerned, Ford Fiesta 2016 has got a 1.6 liter engine of four cylinders as the base version. This engine can produce power of about 120 HP with a torque of 112 lb ft. There will be a fuel friendly version with 1.0 liter engine of three cylinders with EcoBoost technology. This engine can produce power of 123 HP with a torque of 125 lb ft.

Ford Fiesta 2016 rear

There will be a ST version with turbo charged feature and with four cylinders which will be available few months after the release of base version. Speed transmission in new Fiesta is either five with manual control or six with automatic control. Fuel economy in 2016 Ford Fiesta is 28 mpg for city drive and 36 mpg for highway drive.

Ford Fiesta 2016 Release Date and Price

This car has been fixed with a price of $14000 for the base version and it will reach up to $18500 for higher versions. This car might hit the market by the end of this year.

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