BMW X3 2017 Release Date, Model

The BMW X3 2017 will be an upgraded version BMW X3, the compact luxury crossover SUV (Sports Activity Vehicle). This mid-sized SUV is being tested at present in the northern part of Europe. This is going to be the 3rd generation of the X3. It is expected that the design of this car would be inspired by that of F16 BMW X6 and F15 BMW X5. It is being created at present under a code name, which is G01.

BMW X3 2017 front

BMW X3 2017 Interior and Exterior

Internal cabin of BMW X3 2017 will be a full package of style, comfort and luxury. Its cabin will be spacious and big, and offer superior comfort to all occupants. It is set to arrive with powerful infotainment features, such as USB audio connection, hands free Bluetooth, CD/MP3 Player, anti-theft AM/FM/HD stereo and more. Its high end stereo system is set to be one of its highlights. The car will have a number of features, such as USB audio system, hands-free Bluetooth, advanced stereo system and more. BMW would also power it with vehicular environmental comfort (HVAC).

Every top brand of luxury sedans is quite alarmed that customers are looking for lightweight options and they are trying to cater to their needs. 2017 BMW X3 is expected to be capped with a new modular platform. The chasis crafted with aluminum and steel offering loads of strength along with carbon fiber, makes it light when it comes to weighing!

Its safety features would comprise of ABS, electronic stability control, traction control, tire-pressure monitoring system, multiple air bags, speed-sensitive deployable rear spoiler, heated seats, telescoping steering column, dual-zone climate control and more.

BMW X3 2017 interior

BMW X3 2017 Gasoline-Electric Plug-in Hybrid Drivetrain

When this model gets launched, it’s going to be this hybrid drivetrain that you can check out. It consists of four-cylinder engine powered by gasoline and there is an electric motor, compactly designed and constructed into a hybrid format automatic transmission, that is eight-speed. The drivetrain is expected to deliver 328 horsepower when both sources are put to effective use. If you are thinking about the capacity of electric motor, you get support till 30 miles, approximately.

There is hardly any specific information about the exact transmission that this car would come with. It is rumored that it will come with a 7 speed dual clutch AMT gearbox. The mileage of the BMW X3 2017 would be about 62 mpg, and about 90 miles with electric power.

BMW X3 2017 rear

BMW X3 2017 Price and Release Date

It is not known how much BMW is going to charge for this car. However, it is rumored that the cost of the vehicle will start from 46,500 USD. But the actual cost would vary on the basis of the type of engine that is used for powering the car. Price would also go up depending on features as well as engine. The BMW X3 2017 would come in the market around middle or end of year 2016. It is also expected that it is set to get released in 2017.

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