2017 VW Tiguan Diesel, Price

The Volkswagen company’s plant in Mexico has officially confirmed the production of the new 2017 VW Tiguan. Investment made in the 2017 VW Tiguan is expected to be in billions. No doubt this is a serious investment and the company has ensured its place in the SUV segment. The Volkswagen Tiguan will be a direct competitor to the full SUV that has three rows to offer to its users that is ruled in America. As an option two additional seats are increased for the customers who are willing to use and possess a bigger vehicle as compared to the ordinary compact SUV. The second generation 2017 VW Tiguan will be having European premier this year in Frankfurt. There will be no significant changes in the dimension in the car. Expected changes in exterior design will meet the latest expectations of the upcoming 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan model. It has been observed that every model of the concept has been translated in to serial products. Therefore the 2017 VW Tiguan is expected to be offered in serial as well.

2017 VW Tiguan front

2017 VW Tiguan Changes

The production of the VW Tiguan will be initiated in the late 2016. Model will be on sale notlater than 2017. It has been mentioned by the company specifically that the third row of the seat is not fictional for any other transportation option but only for transporting the small children. The new VW Tiguan dimensions will be larger than the current model. In comparison with the length of the 4.4 m of the current model will be replaced by 4.7 m long in the VW Tiguan. The vehicle is expected to have a larger wheelbase. Moreover in addition to the increased length of the 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan; there is increased cargo space as well. Steering wheel is on the left of the car and indicates the global sale of the 2017 Tiguan.

2017 VW Tiguan interior

2017 VW Tiguan Engine Specs

Official announcements have revealed that new generation will have seven seats. It is known to all that European model having five seats will come with a 1.4-liter diesel engine that is turbocharged petrol engine with four cylinders. The engine will be with a six sped manual transmission. The new Volkswagen 2017 Tiguan will be adorned with 4 Motion all wheel drive. These engines are known to hardly satisfy the standards and needs of the Australian and US market. Specifications of the VW Tiguan 5+2 is expected to be announced later.

German manufacturers are known for their precision of calculation, accuracy and perfect relationship between the functionality and the design of the cars in the automotive industry. Same goes true for the Volkswagen Tiguan.

2017 VW Tiguan rear

2017 VW Tiguan Price and Release Date

The 2017 VW Tiguan is expected to be cost competitive as compared to the rivals i.e. Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4. Giving any price range will be too early to be announced or claimed. Let’s just wait for the company to reveal all the facts and figures about the Volkswagen Tiguan.

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