2017 Toyota Prius Facelift, Hybrid

2017 Toyota Prius is the upcoming version of famous hybrid car Toyota Prius that has been enjoying good sales for some years now. The facelift version will come with a few changes although most of its specs gets place in tune with its predecessor. However, it is known at the moment that Toyota is planning to make it more aggressive and dynamic in design as well as appearance.

2017 Toyota Prius front

2017 Toyota Prius Interior and Exterior

The internal cabin of this vehicle will be made aesthetic with a touch of modernity. Only best equipments and modern materials are going to cap this vehicle. The seats and steering wheel will be covered in plush leather. Luxury space for 5 passengers is going to woo car lovers. Superior materials will be used for construction of seats, ensuring maximum comfort for occupants. Its dashboard is unlikely to get revamped much from its predecessor.

The exterior of 2017 Toyota Prius promises to be trendy and aerodynamic in design. From front to the back, sleek and bold lines will be etched. Lightweight materials will be used in order to reduce this amazing car’s weight, enhancing its speed and handling. Large alloy wheels, head lamps, side mirror along with indicator strip are brownie points, making this vehicle a sheer winner among buyers.

2017 Toyota Prius interior

2017 Toyota Prius Engine Specs, Fuel Economy

The 2017 Toyota Prius will draw its power from a 4-cylinder, 1.8 L gas engine which would be able to deliver a peak torque of 140 pounds per foot and a maximum power of 134 hp. It is expected that this car will get a new engine, another impressive point to count on. The car is likely to come with a new transmission, different from its predecessor. It would drive power to two wheels or all the wheels of this vehicle.

Although there is sparse information about mileage figures, it is being said that the makers are trying to make it a powerful fuel-efficient offering, so that it can return a mileage of 55 mpg.

2017 Toyota Prius Special Features

The 2017 Prius will be coming with Bluetooth, MP3 Player, USB port and bass speaker. You get to see perfectly positioned control buttons on dashboard and a 7-inch touch screen LCD display on dash will serve as infotainment feature. You can expect quite a few high-end features inside, such as heated and cooled seats in front, AC, navigation system, satellite radio and more. There will be enough safety features as it gets ABS, control system traction, seat belts, stability control system, airbag system, rear view camera and more.

2017 Toyota Prius rear

2017 Toyota Prius Price and Release Date

When it comes to exact pricing information, it is still very sketchy, hard to pinpoint. However, the cost could be somewhere between 25,000 – 28,000 USD. There is no exact information about availability of this vehicle. The makers are not very vocal about when 2017 Toyota Prius is likely to be released in the market. However, sometime early in 2016, it can get a facelift for car lovers to get induced. Are you ready to put in your money, making it worth an investment?

Update 09.09.2015At the Los Angeles auto show was for the first time officially presented new 2017 Toyota Prius, which represents the fourth generation of this model. This vehicle has kept its distinctive look, but you can notice that it is a little lower and sleeker than the previous version.

2017 Toyota Prius

The new 2017 Toyota Prius is now more comfortable than ever, comes with a firmer chassis and will be built on a new modular platform “Toyota New Global Architecture” (TNGA). In accordance with the modern cars, there are security systems such as those warning of the collision, pedestrian detection, alerts the Lane Departure and cruise control with radar. However, what impresses most is the improved efficiency of 10 percent. This means that it is now combined consumption 47 mpg, while the forthcoming Eco model promises even better figures. We are still waiting for official confirmation of the operating system, but Toyota says that engineers every component of their Hybrid Synergy Drive made smaller and lighter with a higher concentration of energy in the battery. Release date of new 2017 Toyota Prius is still unknown, but we believe that it will come in first dealerships in the mid of 2016.

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