2017 Mercedes E-Class Review, Price

What is that object, which has comfortable four seats, neatly arranges under an out of this world soft top, lighted all over by the latest LED lighting technology and is powered by a jaw dropping 400 brake horsepower crunching V8 twin turbo engine? Well is the answer to this question is a very obvious one – it is the brand new 2017 Mercedes E-Class. In contrast to Mercedes C-Class, which has received the latest update in in platform designing, which goes by the name of a new modular platform, this latest 2017 E-Class will not be seeing any such updates. On the other hand, it is possible that it will continue for a couple of years on this current platform before it receives anything major. Although this maybe the game plan for the German giants, this 2017 E-Class may receive a few new things from the C-Class which will take excitement to a whole new level and will make its fans lose their minds for sure.

2017 Mercedes E-Class

2017 Mercedes E-Class Exterior and Interior

Mercedes is known to be called a few things and luxury is probably the frequent and first among all of those things. No one defines comfort and luxury and executive feel as well as cars from the house of Mercedes does. This brand new 2017 Mercedes E-Class is doing just that once again, as it has done in all its previous instalments.

This 2017 E-Class might get a little bit trimmed from its previous version but this will not hamper luxury in any way. Materials to be used are as always very expensive and take passenger comfort to the peak. The materials that are to be used are premium leather for seats and upholstery. Top quality wood or aluminium would be used for door panels and dash board. Overall, nothing but good can be said the interior of E-Class.

Although it may not be giving that much shock as one would expect as it is somewhat similar to its smaller brethren, Mercedes C-Class, it does not mean that it will not be unattractive or quite up to the standards. 2017 Mercedes E-Class will be featuring its characteristic well known and popular rounded edge designing which will feel complete with its small and sleek tail lamps in rear end and wide and  large head lamps up in front. Day time running lights will show itself in the form of a narrow strip which will be powered by latest LED lighting technology. This 2017 E-Class will also feature a new chassis that will go on to become as much as 20% lighter than its predecessor as well as 90% stiffer than that of the previous versions.

2017 Mercedes E-Class interior

2017 Mercedes E-Class Engine Specs

This latest E-Class is as powerful as it gets. It will have much more power in its packing than its sibling, Mercedes C-Class. Powering this 2017 Mercedes E-Class will be three engines to choose from.

  • First one will be a 2.0L turbo charged petrol engine which will produce 240-270 BHP.
  • Second choice will be a 3.0L V6 producing 350 BHP.
  • Last one will be a 4.0L V8 producing 400 BHP.

These will be mated to a 9 speed automatic gearbox with AWD or RWD.

2017 Mercedes E-Class rear

2017 Mercedes E-Class Price and Release Date

2017 Mercedes E-Class will come at $37,000.

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