2017 Lexus SC Concept, Price

Based heavily upon the Lexus LF-LC concept, that made a huge impression at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show, this brand new and exciting 2017 Lexus SC is all set to topple all records and make a serious impact in the automobile markets across the globe. This car has especially benefitted from the carbon fibre and aluminium body construction of the LF-LC and with its design and styling expected to come up with third generation, it is very possible that this 2017 SC will sit above all its competitors in market. The SC line up which was terminated way back in 2010 will be back with a bang. With the best of the best cars that Lexus has produced, this 2017 SC will be a hugely successful story to tell.

2017 Lexus SC front

2017 Lexus SC Trim Levels and Engine Specs

The production road version of this buzz generating 2017 SC will bear striking resemblance to the muscular and sinewy design of its concept car version. It will also have the aerodynamic flair in its body. Head lamps are expected to go more like RC-F ones while its rear bumper will receive improvements with its tail lamps getting a slight re design. The hallmark spindle-shaped grill with Lexus’ ‘L’ badge will speak volumes on the front façade. The company has announced trim levels of this car for buyers to choose from according to their needs.

A plug-in hybrid unit with electric motor and gasoline engine will be producing 500 BHP. Another option for 2017 Lexus SC is a 5.0L V8 producing 475 BHP. Transmission provided will be a 10-speed automatic.

2017 Lexus SC side

2017 Lexus SC Interior and Exterior

This exciting 2017 Lexus SC comes with a spacious and lavishly laid cabin design. Seating capacity of four adult human beings has been accommodated for. What makes the interior design so special is the use of premium quality leather covering throughout the cabin. This Lexus SC features a retractable hard top made of light yet durable aluminium. The dash-board features some high level technology stuffs beautifully set in aluminium and wood designs. Infotainment system as well as satellite based navigation system has been pre- equipped. This 2017 SC also boasts of quite a lot of high-tech safety features which includes the likes of vehicle stability maintaining mechanism, traction control, air bags, rack and pinion steering wheel as well as power assist when needed.

2017 Lexus SC will be having two doors on its side and has ample room for configuring it. This car will be coming with the best of carbon fibre and aluminium body construction which comes as a benefit from its design being base on Lexus LF-LC concept as well as Lexus RC-F concept cars. It will have an aggressive appearance which is the combination of both these cars. The carbon fibre and aluminium based body combined with the superb aerodynamic design effectively helps this car to improve its performance and achieve a top speed of 155 miles per hour as well as save on fuel consumption.

To complete things off, 18-inch wheels have been provided along with redesigning featuring in front and rear bumpers, the spindle-shaped grille design and headlamps.

2017 Lexus SC interior

2017 Lexus SC Release Date and Price

2017 Lexus SC will start at $70,000 and will be available by end-2016.

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