2017 Ford Expedition Redesign, Diesel

The year 2017 will see Ford releasing fourth generation of Ford Expedition with 2017 Ford Expedition. The auto manufacturers are working to make this SUV more attractive and valuable. New series of this vehicle should be hitting the market very soon. The car shall be renovated and a complete redesign is expected. It will be having certain advanced exterior and interior features. Some improvements should also be brought to the engine specs of this vehicle. Its variants will also increase.

2017 Ford Expedition front

2017 Ford Expedition Engine and Fuel Economy

A wide range of engine options are expected to be offered with 2017 Ford Expedition. First engine on offer will be a diesel 5.4 liter V8 unit, which is also used in current model. Apart from that, an Ecoboost 3.5 liter V6 engine with direct injection will be the second offering. Powertrain of this model will characteristically have better fuel economy and more power output. This engine will have capacity of producing 365 HP and a maximum torque of 420 lb feet.

Rear wheel drive will be offered as standard with an optional four wheel drive. A six speed automatic transmission will be offered, irrespective of drive unit.  Fuel economy of base model will be 23 mpg on highway and 16 mpg on city roads. Whereas AWD model will offer 15 mpg on city and 21 mpg on highway drive.

2017 Ford Expedition rear

2017 Ford Expedition Exterior and Interior

Expectations are that this vehicle shall be completely redesigned with 2017 model. A lot more attention is paid to style and design of this car, as compared to previous models. Some lightweight materials will be used for manufacturing this car. This will result in an overall reduced weight of vehicle. Its weight will be reduced by as much as 200-300 pounds approximately. This should certainly have positive effect on fuel economy.

Front part of 2017 Ford Expedition will be having a modern and very aggressive design. Exterior changes include revised headlights, new bumper style in front and also a chrome grille. Hood shall also be redesigned. This car will have 22 inch alloy wheels.

This large SUV will be having three rows of seats. Thus, it shall accommodate a minimum of eight passengers at a time. Enough space and comfort will be provided to all passengers and even driver. Primary materials that will be used in interior of this model will be aluminum and wood. Entire cabin of 2017 Ford Expedition will be luxurious and stylish. All new and comfortable upholstery will be used for covering seats.

Some features that will be provided with this vehicle include and improved infotainment system of My Ford Touch. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and a high quality audio system with as much as 10 speakers. There shall also be a new navigation system which will be connected to LCD display occupying central position of instrument panel. Full size SUV will also have feature of automatically opening its doors.

2017 Ford Expedition interior

2017 Ford Expedition Price and Release Date

2017 Ford Expedition is expected to be available in market in beginning of 2017 with an approximate pricing of $42,000. Rivals to this model are Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon and Toyota Sequoia.

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