2017 Ford Edge Review, Sport

The 2017 Ford Edge is said to be created in a manner that impeccably combines the practical with a chic side. This spacious sport utility vehicle will continue to afford consumers with the elegance and luxury that has been traditionally associated with sedans. Additionally, the new offering of the Edge will cater to automotive consumers that want a spacious vehicle with a sports car feel. According to a number of reports stemming from industry insiders close to the automotive giant, the latest Ford Edge is expected to be the very first to be produced within Europe and sold globally.

2017 Ford Edge front

2017 Ford Edge Engine Specs

The 2017 Ford Edge will be presented to consumers in four trim levels, which will include the following: the Titanium, the Sport, the SEL and the SE. With that being said, the power for the vehicle will be garnered from a 3.5 liter V-6 power unit that is capable of producing 280 horsepower. The power unit will find itself smartly mated with an auto manual six rate gearbox. The unit is reported to release lower emissions of harmful gasses as compared to its counterparts within its respective segment. There are also unofficial reports that contend that each trim level will be afforded its own distinct engine option. At this time, the automotive giant has not confirmed this information or disclosed the information regarding the engine specifications.

2017 Ford Edge rear

2017 Ford Edge Exterior and Interior

The most noticeable of the changes being made to the exterior of the vehicle will be the addition of LED equipped headlights. Chrome has been incorporated very carefully throughout the vehicle in regards to a handful of details. Technology has been applied to the exterior of the vehicle is the form of Active Grille Shutters. This functionality controls the Shutters to close and open by themselves as needed in order to ensure the most optimal engine temperature for performance. There is also a quite helpful gadget that will allow the driver to open the tailgate with a simple wave of the foot.

Within the interior consumers will be pleased in regards to the addition of satellite radio. The cabin has been afforded automotive gadgets for the enhancement of the driving experience due to their ability of making things far more convenient for the driver. There are systems within the vehicle that are able to assist the driver when parking, should any obstacles find themselves in the roadway and more. Contained within the premium trim levels of the vehicle line, consumers will find that the instrument panel will be wrapped in leather.

2017 Ford Edge interior

2017 Ford Edge Release Date and Price

It is widely expected that the 2017 Ford Edge will arrive within dealerships towards the beginning of next year. The price will be contingent upon the trim level and options added to the vehicle, but the base price tag is said to be in the neighborhood of $30,000. Consumers will need to note that the Titanium and Sport model variants of the line will not arrive for sale until later into next year, more than likely the fall. As we move closer to the start of next year, it is certain that the Ford Motor Company will begin releasing more specific information regarding the new 2017 Ford Edge to the public at large.

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