2017 Dodge Journey Review, Crossover

The first Dodge Journey was first seen in dealerships in the US in 2008 when it was being sold as a 2009 model. This was a mid-sized crossover that has since been offered to the public without too many changes being made to it. In 2011, it got a major update when its exteriors and powertrain as well as suspension were improved upon. This vehicle was well received and it sold well. The new 2017 Dodge Journey will be released sometime soon.

2017 Dodge Journey front

2017 Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior Design

Rumors have it that the new 2017 Dodge Journey will be totally redesigned. Of course, the carmaker has not confirmed this which means that we will have to wait and see. The company has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors. It will however move the production of the vehicle from Mexico to the US and more particularly to Sterling Heights in Michigan. The Dodge Journey does not get a new platform and will continue to ride on the earlier one, which has been modified ever so slightly to improve the performance of this crossover vehicle. The carmaker has not let out any details about the exterior of the vehicle but we think that the new Journey will look different to the earlier model. The same can also be said about the interiors of the vehicle.

What we can say about the new 2017 Dodge Journey is that it is going to be designed to be an amazing vehicle. The carmaker has said that it plans to make major changes to the exterior design of the Journey and that they will do everything in their power to get rid of whatever flaws there are in the vehicle. This new offering from Dodge will have an amazing style and its design will be truly awesome. We expect the Journey to have a very athletic body and it will also get very sporty and detailed rims.

The design of the vehicle is sure to attract buyers to it. The Journey looks very dashing and this is but one reason why many new buyers will think about owning the Journey. The interiors are also very amazing and they boast of sophisticated features including Bluetooth and USB as well as Wi-Fi.

2017 Dodge Journey interior

2017 Dodge Journey Engine and Performance

As for powertrain options, the carmaker has again not provided any details. It is hard to say exactly what kind of engines will be used to power up the new Dodge Journey. The existing model is being powered by a couple of petrol engines. The first engine is a 4-cylinder 2.4-liter engine that produces 173 horsepower and the second engine is a 3.6-liter V6 engine that can produces 283 horsepower. There is reason to believe that the carmaker will get rid of one of these engines and replace it with another. There is a strong likelihood that the 4-cylinder engine will be the one to be replaced.

2017 Dodge Journey rear

2017 Dodge Journey Release Date and Price

The precise date on which the 2017 Dodge Journey will be introduced into the market is not known, as the carmaker has not provided any concrete details. We think that the vehicle will be introduced into the market sometime next year. There is also no information available regarding the exact price of the new 2017 Dodge Journey but is expected to be around $22,000. However, our guess is that the car will have a higher price tag than the present model.

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