2017 Dodge Challenger Price, Hellcat SRT

There are reports that the new 2017 Dodge Challenger will be introduced into the market sometime in 2017. This new offering from Dodge will undergo a complete redesign, which will hopefully make the Challenger more competitive against its main competitors. The Challenger has enjoyed considerable popularity over the years and is a well-loved muscle car that first debuted quite some time ago. The carmaker has gone to great lengths to improve and build a better Challenger.

2017 Dodge Challenger front

2017 Dodge Challenger Exterior and Interior

At present, it is hard to say what kind of exterior shape the vehicle will have. There are many who are speculating about the styling of the exteriors of the Challenger and most people seem to think that the carmaker will keep the shape almost identical to earlier models. The classic style of this muscle car is very impressive and its iconic retro looks will be embellished with a handful of modern accents. The tail light and headlights are given a new and more impressive look.

The SRT model has a very interesting and stylish exterior. The classy design of this vehicle makes the vehicle look very sporty and luxurious. The body is sleek and much work has gone into making the body smooth and flawless. The front grill has been given a makeover to make it look aggressive and manly as well as very sporty. The headlights as mentioned are nicely curved around the edges and they also make the vehicle look very smart. The 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT rides on 20-inch aluminum wheels.

The carmaker however does not plan to make any major changes to the interiors of the vehicle. The modifications that have been made are far from being radical. The styling is carried over from the current model. Modern controls are provided in the cabin, which benefits from a few retro style decorations. In addition, the attributes and the technologies used within the cabin are also very promising. The cabin area gets a new design, which helps to add space and comfort to the cabin. There are five seats with each one being upholstered in synthetic leather. These seats make the interiors look very classy. Some of the features that you will find in the cabin include rearview camera, 3D touchscreen display, aux jacks, dual zone auto climate control and 6-speaker stereo system.

2017 Dodge Challenger interior

2017 Dodge Challenger Engine Specs

Since it will take quite some time before the 2017 Dodge Challenger is introduced into the market there is not much information available regarding what the carmaker plans to put under the hood of the Challenger 2017 model. There are only speculations to go by and these seem to indicate that the Challenger will either get a 6.2-liter V8 engine or the carmaker may install a Hellcat 6.2-liter V8 engine in the SRT variant. The second engine will produce about a hundred horsepower more than the first engine.

2017 Dodge Challenger rear

2017 Dodge Challenger Release Date and Price

The carmaker has yet to provide concrete details regarding the introduction of the new 2017 Dodge Challenger. The same is the case when you try to find out more about the price tag of the new 2017 Dodge Challenger. We can only hope that the carmaker will not increase the price of its new Challenger too much.

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