2017 Chevy Camaro Price, Release Date

Chevy Camaro is considered to be a car with a good reputation and rich history in the European Market. Like Rome this car’s reputation was not built-in a day. Initially released in the late sixties, 1966 to be precise, Camaro has come a long way. Throughout its reign it was in stiff competition with cars like Ford Mustang. Over the years General Motors managed to keep Mustang alive but the Camaro gave up. In 2002 Chevy decided to discontinue this legendary vehicle and there were no successors. Now they have decided to come back and are working on the 2017 Chevy Camaro.  It is expected that Camaro will be back with a bang and Chevy will focus on making this variant more powerful and advanced. This car will go through an interior and exterior make over. Other than that, it will come with a more powerful and efficient engine under its hood. Standard technological upgrades are also expected. After its release it will be in stiff competition.

2017 Chevy Camaro front

2017 Chevy Camaro Engine Options

It is expected that 2017 Chevy Camaro will be available in two variants. One of them will come with a V6 engine and the other will be equipped with a V8 engine. The former will be of 3.6 L and will be capable of generating up to 335 HP. It will produce a torque of 284 pd-ft. The later will be more powerful and of 6.2 L. It will be capable of generating up to 445 HP and will have a torque of 455 pd-ft. Another 4 cylinder 2L engine can also be expected but it will be only able to generate up to 275 HP. This car will have a pickup of 0 mph to 60 mph within just six seconds.

2017 Chevy Camaro rear

2017 Chevy Camaro Exterior and Interior

Chevy has decided to stick to their traditional style and 2017 Chevy Camaro’s updates are minor. Mentionable exterior redesigns include new front grill, front and rear bumpers, advanced Led lights and new wheels. Unlike its exterior, the interior will go through a complete makeover. This variant’s interior will give you a retro feel but the features are top-notch and modern. Other than that the cabin will be more spacious and comfortable. Major upgrades include a new and advanced ventilation system.

2017 Chevy Camaro will also come with a new electronic break that will replace their classic hand brake. Another unique feature about the new cabin will be that it will be equipped with ambient light sensors that will adjust the lighting settings accordingly. This new system is probably inspired from Mercedes and Chevy has named it the spectrum lighting system.

These upgrades also give the 2017 Chevy Camaro a very classy feel and set it apart from its contemporaries. If we look to the interior, we see significantly more design evolution than the exterior. The new dash is equipped with all the advanced technological functions. This new variant also comes with improved safety and security features.

2017 Chevy Camaro interior

2017 Chevy Camaro Price and Release Date

No official information has not been divulged regarding the price and release date of 2017 Chevy Camaro. However one can say that it will not be very high considering the stiff competition. Despite of the latest enhancements, this car is likely to be priced around $30k.This variant is expected to hit the showrooms by the first quarter of next year, likely January 2016, or latest by last quarter of next year. His rivals in the market are Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

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