2017 BMW Z4 Redesign, Price

When it comes to luxurious cars, one of the names that come to mind first is BMW. Praised for being one the stalwarts in the high-end automobile market, the German company has earned accolades all over the world due to their exceptional methods of automobile engineering. Grabbing headlines world over is the announcement of the upcoming 2017 BMW Z4, which will carry forward legacy of its predecessors with outstanding exterior visuals, comfortable yet elegant interiors and a choice in engine types that will leave you enthralled. Some features worth discussing will be mentioned below.

2017 BMW Z4 front

2017 BMW Z4 Redesign Exterior and Interior

The first element that is clearly notice is the car’s shiny silver colour on its convertible type body. Taking over new leaps in style and luxury, the 2017 BMW Z4 boasts of BMW’s traditional look on its front; at the same time, introducing minor changes at various places to arouse interest of potential customers. Headlights have now been merged with front grills to create a unique appearance emanating a classy vibe. Other changes include a Z shaped theme, accomplished with the use of headlights, bonnet and vents that are adjacent to the car’s front bumper. Wheels have got broader, because of which we can expect more control on roads.

Inside of the 2017 Z4, red and black coloured seats, dominate to create a superb sense of thrill and coziness. If reports are to be held true, seats will now me covered with fine quality leather that will maximize comfort for every ride. This car’s interior is dominated by darker shades so as to induce a sensation of ‘easy-going’ attitude and maintain temperature without the need to switch on its Air Condition. You may also be interested to know that this car has lost significant amount of weight because of carbon fiber elements, all the while not sacrificing any of its masculinity.

There is no solid information available that would explain as to what kind of technological features that might make their way inside of 2017 BMW Z4; but according to past trends, we can guess there will be plenty.

2017 BMW Z4 interior

2017 BMW Z4 Engine Specs

Under the bonnet is perhaps that place where most of the car’s attraction lies. Powered by a 3.0 litre 4-cylinder engine, this car will be able to produce horsepower of 335 and 320 lb-ft of torque. This time around, this car will be based on the popular UKL platform that is found in on other brands such as Toyota. This upcoming model will make use of ABS brakes that will lend better stopping mechanics alongside boosting up the safety quotient of 2017 BMW Z4. There is no doubt that this machine will pack some serious punch before heading out to the market.

2017 BMW Z4 rear

2017 BMW Z4 Price and Release Date

This sensation marvel of modern engineering will be made available at a price ranging somewhere between $45,000 and $70,000. Release date of 2017 BMW Z4 has not been explicitly mentioned by the markers, but we expect it to arrive sometime late 2016.

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