2017 BMW X7 Release Date, Interior

The premium luxury SUV, going by the name of 2017 BMW X7 has made a strong statement over the last few weeks owing to some exceptional features that are expected to get featured. Boasting of a new architecture based on a new platform, this next-generation vehicle will have a redefined chassis that reduces weight over its predecessor apart from brining modifications to its interior layout and engine specifications. The German automaker’s reputation precedes them as it is clear from the evident visuals from this vehicle. German engineering is applauded world over for its reliability and superb performance to power ratio that leaves most other countries in the dust.

2017 BMW X7 front

2017 BMW X7 Exterior and Interior

The 2017 BMW X7 was spotted being tested and camouflaged in heavy paint that leaves a lot to the imagination. Based on the car’s exterior properties, you can expect it to be slightly lower in height, aggressive body features and glossy paint that makes it standout from the crowd. The design language has been implemented in a way which makes it look similar to X5, but with ample unique features of its own. Speaking of which, there will now be LED headlights, large kidney shaped grille and bigger alloy wheels that look exceptional when in motion.

This superb Upcoming 2017 BMW X7 will have a larger cabin space compared to its predecessor due to a new seat layout that maximizes head/leg space for all the passengers. Being an SUV, amount of luggage space is an important factor for the buyers; thankfully, that won’t be an issue with this car. Luxury features that the German automaker is known for will include leather seats, soft-to-touch materials spread over the cabin, and advanced technology elements that will leave one gasping for breath.

Rumored to possess some of the most coveted technical innovations of modern times, the 2017 X7 will have a host of exciting infotainment and safety features. You can expect a superb audio system, LCD centre console, rear-parking sensors, satellite navigation, safety airbags and many such features.

2017 BMW X7 interior

2017 BMW X7 Engine Details

This car will attain an optimum due to the use of magnesium, aluminium and carbon fiber for its chassis that will definitely result in better fuel efficiency. This X7 is expected to features 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder engine variants along with a 3.0 litre gasoline engine. Speaking of power, the 3.0 litre 6-cylinder gasoline engine will be able to deliver 300 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque. 3.0 litre diesel variant will produce 450 hp and 435 lb-ft of torque. A Hybrid version is also reportedly in the making. Only time will tell how the 2017 BMW X7 matches up with other car’s in the same range.

2017 BMW X7 rear

2017 BMW X7 Release Date and Price

Lack of official information binds us to rely on reports or rumors as to when this car might see light of the day. A reasonable expectation would be around the end of 2016. 2017 BMW X7 will come at a price of around $65,000 in the US market for base version.

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