2017 BMW X6 Release Date, Changes

Although there is currently not a wealth of information regarding the 2017 BMW X6, there is an abundant amount of anticipation surrounding the vehicle. With that being said, there are a number of unofficial automotive websites that contend that the vehicle will present to the market with a number of impressive modifications. These modifications are said to have been derived in order to further cement its status within the hearts and minds of its vast fan base while garnering new fans to the line. Below, we will explore the very limited information that is known (and speculated) regard the vehicle at this time.

2017 BMW X6 front

2017 BMW X6 Engine Specs

As far as what automotive consumers should expect under the hood of the 2017 BMW X6, the following power train options have been rumored: twin turbo, hybrid, tri turbo and turbocharged. Just as with other aspects of the vehicle, the luxury automaker has yet to formally announce precisely where the power will derive from or the amount of available power options. Industry experts are avidly speculating that the latest addition to the line will garner its power from a hybrid power train as well as a turbo charged engine. This would deliver the most fuel efficiency for the automobile as well as an enhanced offering of agility. There will be three engines, two 4.4-liter and one of the 3.0 L. Horsepower will be in the range of from 300 to 570 hp.

2017 BMW X6 rear

2017 BMW X6 Exterior and Interior

Per industry insiders and experts that are fairly close to the luxury automaker, the exterior of the vehicle will receive the lion’s share of the afforded modifications. The current body language is certain to be retained given that it has become a fan favorite. The currently stunning body line of the 2017 BMW X6 will presumably serve as an impeccable backdrop to lighting and bumper modifications. There is one report that indicates that there will be significant changes made to the rear; but precisely what the changes will be remains a mystery.

It does appear that automotive consumers that were anticipating a robust amount of changes to the interior will be disappointed. Early reporting indicates that the cabin will not present automotive consumers with a plethora of enhancements. They will be delivered automotive technologies and safety features, but there will not be an abundance of them. It has been heavily hinted that the upholstery for the seating as well as the seating design will be new. But, keep in mind, this has yet to be confirmed or denied by the automaker. What consumers can be certain of is that the 2017 BMW X6 will uphold the company’s long standing reputation for delivering luxurious and stylish interiors.

2017 BMW X6 interior

2017 BMW X6 Release Date and Price

The official release date of the 2017 BMW X6 has yet to be announced by the iconic automaker. Industry insiders, critics and experts alike contend that it will arrive around the close of next year at the earliest. Given the current lack of official information that is available, it does not seem that their estimation is too far off. The base pricing has been widely estimated to be within the highly posh neighborhood of $74,000. As we begin to move closer to the start of the New Year and the new auto show season, more specific information regarding the vehicle will certainly be released unto the public at large.

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