2017 BMW M2 Price, Specs

2017 BMW M2 is a splendid car that is being widely awaited across the world. Said to come boasting of superb sense of style and performance, this vehicle can be said to be the pioneer of automobile engineering. Compared to its predecessor, the upcoming generation will feature revisions to its exterior style, interior materials as well as choice in engine types. Held to be the epitome of luxury, the German automakers would be looking forward to gaining further share of the market from its rivals like Mercedes and Audi. Since the upcoming model is a refreshment and not a complete modification, it would be wise to keep expectations grounded.

2017 BMW M2 front

2017 BMW M2 Exterior and Interior Design

Intended to be for 4 passengers, the 2017 BMW M2 will have a body crafted out of carbon-fibre and aluminum combination that will drastically reduce its weight. Changes in its exterior include a sporty front bumper, LED equipped head and tail lights and streamlined body to further its aerodynamic capacity. It will have 19 inch alloy wheels covered by only the top grade Michelin tires for added grip on roads as well as better overall control. Fenders will also get wider, so as to make this car look more muscular.

Choices are galore when it comes to the interior of 2017 BMW M2; as it comes loaded with the most coveted technological innovations of modern times. Taking a leading edge in terms of comfort and elegance, this vehicle is expected to offer leather seats, increased cabin space to accommodate all 4 passengers, advanced console system and host of other improvements that lend credibility to this car. Equipment varies according to trim levels, but don’t let that dishearten you as even the base model comes with exceptional quality features that anyone would dare pass.

Speaking of technology, this car will most likely have a LCD centre console command system, superb audio with surround sound, automatic temperature adjustment and other safety features such as rear-parking sensors, lane departure warning system, safety airbags, etc.

2017 BMW M2 interior

2017 BMW M2 Engine Specs

Even though this department is lacking in information, there is solid reason to believe that 2017 BMW M2 will settle for nothing but the best in terms of power and performance. It will be powered by a 3.0 litre 6-cylinder engine that will deliver close to 400 horsepower. This engine will be mated to a 6-speed manual transmission system, and is likely to become available in front-wheel drive variant. Due to lesser weight, you can expect better mileage both on city drive and highways. German automakers are not known to compromise on engine specifications; there is no reason to believe this car would be an exception.

2017 BMW M2 rear

2017 BMW M2 Price and Release Date

This state of the art luxury vehicle is expected to price somewhere around $60,000 for the base model. Additional features or higher trim variants will cost you more. There is no definite information regarding the release date of 2017 BMW M2; we’ll keep you informed once more reports reach our ears.

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