2017 Audi Q8 Price

The 2017 Audi Q8 is designed to give the BMW X6 a run for its money. It is also not a substitute for the Q7 and is different from its earlier model. The new Q8 is very sleek and has a low profile roofline. It also looks more muscular than the beautiful looking A7. In fact, the Q8 is designed to address the changing needs of the modern car buyer, who is looking for typical SUV attributes and who are looking for a vehicle that is also sporty and powerful.

2017 Audi Q8 front

2017 Audi Q8 Design, Features and Specs

There is already quite a buzz regarding the 2017 Audi Q8, which has not even been constructed. However, experts expect this car to really make a big impression on the car industry. The good news is that Audi has never disappointed its legion of fans. This new offering from Audi will widen the market and also cement the carmaker’s position in the industry.

Audi has not provided any details regarding the new Q8 but industry insiders believe that the car will boast a number of futuristic technologies. We know for sure that the exteriors of the Q8 will be strikingly similar to the exteriors of the Q7. The 2017 Audi Q8 will be longer and will be fully equipped as well. The headlights are new and well molded and the same can be said of the taillights. A nice large grille at the front makes the car look quite spectacular. Overall, this vehicle is very sporty as well as aggressive looking.

The carmaker has really excelled in designing an impressive interior. Though the carmaker has not provided details about what it plans to do with the interiors of the Q8, we can say that driver and other occupants will really enjoy sitting in this car. Passenger comfort is the main concern and so the carmaker has introduced soft and very comfortable seats. The interiors are also customized to suit the needs and expectations of people who want to buy a great car.

2017 Audi Q8 interior

2017 Audi Q8 Engine Specs

The wheelbase of the 2017 Audi Q8 is longer than that of the Q7 and the vehicle rides on the MLB platform, which is also used on the Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne as well as the Touareg from Volkswagen. Audi also plans to offer a number of engine options to address the needs of all those who are looking for great acceleration. Though there are rumors that the carmaker will offer a couple of engines there is one that will definitely be available and that is the 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 that already powers up a number of Audi vehicles including the A8. This engine is capable of producing about 450 horsepower and at the same time it also delivers decent fuel economy.

2017 Audi Q8 rear

2017 Audi Q8 Release Date and Price

The 2017 Audi Q8 is still in the very early stages of development. Thus, it is hard to say precisely when the vehicle will be offered to buyers and there is also no news about how much the car will cost. However, do not be surprised if you see the Q8 in a dealership sometime towards the end of next year. The price of the vehicle will be in the range of between 60, 000 dollars and 70, 000 dollars.

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