2016 VW CC Interior

The 2016 VW CC is coming with minimalist look and wonderful appearance due to lots of changes and restyling that is coming with it. The exterior of this is coming with wonderful features and amazing redesigns which will make it the best among others cars in the same segment. The interior is coming with the pleasure and comfort of the users in mind. In that regard, if you are looking for car that will offer you comfort, pleasure and untold happiness when you the cruise, you have to ensure that you make this car your perfect choice.

2016 VW CC front

2016 VW CC Engine Specs

The quality of this car does not only stop at the physical appearance and the interior designs but also include in the quality of the engine options that are selected for it. One of the engine options of this car is expected to be diesel engine that will be able to increase the speed of this 2016 VW CC by 160 mil within the city drive. More so, it is expected to be coming with contemporary Volkswagen engine with topmost quality and amazing functionalities. There is expectation that this car will come with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that which is same with the engine in the VW Golf R.

2016 VW CC Specifications and Safety Features

The outward appearance of this car will be among the reasons why most people will go for it. This is because, this car is loaded with wonderful features and amazing functionalities that made it perfect in all round.

2016 VW CC interior

The Interior is coming with lots of infotainment features including radio receiver, quality speaker, Bluetooth connectivity, quality upholstery, greatly designed dashboard, high tech screen display and others making 2016 VW CC  great among other cars in the same category.

2016 VW CC Fuel Economy and Competition

The fuel economy associated with 2016 CC is expected to be better than the one in the previous model. You will be able to enjoy your cruise with this car within the city for up to 28 miles only with one gallon of fuel. For those that want to take their ride to the highway, they will enjoy their ride to as far as 31 miles only with a gallon of fuel making this car the best among others in terms of fuel consumption economy. In terms of competition, this car is built to compete with lots of innovative cars including; Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla and others. So, if you are looking for well functional, comfortable and great car with high fuel economy you can make this car your choice.

2016 VW CC rear

2016 VW CC  Release Date and Price

Obviously, the automaker has not released information about the release date of 2016 VW CC but, it is projected that it will be out before the end of 2015 or at the beginning of 2016. The price is also still wrapped as the producer has not announced the price of this wonderful and great car. So, you can keep your eye down and your eye focused in order to get the price when it will be released by the automaker.

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