2016 Toyota Supra Price, Release Date

The Toyota Supra virtually went away from the market several years back. The new 2016 Toyota Supra is back to woo buyers, and is based on the FT-1 concept although it is loaded with more advanced features. The car is set to lock horns against the likes of Nissan 350Z Roadster and Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

2016 Toyota Supra front

2016 Toyota Supra Interior and Exterior

The car comes with a futuristic design and its steering wheel and seats will come with high quality leather construction. There will be leather seat belts. The inner cabin is supposed to have enough space for occupants, with adequate leg room for passengers. Even tall people will not have problems due to the greater vertical height of the interior cabin. Compared to its previous version, this one will come with more comfort and sophisticated features for consumers. The vehicle is set to come with many modern features, such as JBL speakers, internet connectivity, climate control system and a standard satellite navigation system. The features are expected to make rides more comfortable for driver and occupants.

2016 Toyota Supra interior

The exterior of the car is reminiscent of that of the FT1 concept, which is particularly observed in the front bumper. Various elements of the car, including the LED tail and head lamps, remind you of the Lexus LFA. The car comes in as many as 4 exciting color options – white, red, grey and blue. The rear end of the vehicle has an amazing sporty design which gives it the look of a perfect sports vehicle. It has a very stylish and aerodynamic structure, designed to help you notch up more speed on the roads. It has streamlined headlamps, which will lower the amount of air friction at the time of driving the vehicle.

2016 Toyota Supra Engine Specs

The 2016 Toyota Supra is set to come with a 2.6 L, twin turbo inline engine with a 400 hp power capacity and peak torque generation ability of 300 lb. The original car had a 3.0 L twin turbo inline engine, but this one promises to be more powerful in performance and capacity. This one has a dual-clutch semi-automatic gearbox, which allows you to drive the vehicle with low and high speed gears. It has an all-wheel as well as rear-wheel drive system, something that can be noticed in the Ferrari FF.

2016 Toyota Supra rear

The engine is mated with a 7-speed DSG transmission system. The dual-clutch semi-automatic gearbox can drive power to all of the wheels, although there is a transaxle mounted on the rear which drives power to the rear wheels when in AWD.

The 2016 Toyota Supra is set to return a mileage of 13 miles per gallon in busy city traffic and a fuel efficiency of 18 mpg on the expressways.

2016 Toyota Supra Price and Release Date

The new 2016 Toyota Supra is set to come in the price range of $45,000 – $53,000, although the costs will actually depend on the ongoing exchange rates at the time of sale. The 2016 Toyota Supra is expected to hit the markets in this fall or some time during the first quarter of next year.

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