2016 Toyota Prado Release Date, Engine

2016 Toyota Prado will be the next upgrade of the Toyota Prado, the sports utility vehicle that has been in the market for quite some time now. This Toyota Prado models have been winning over buyers with its spacious and versatile internal cabin. In intervening years, this car has gone through three upgrades and sold a lot of units.

2016 Toyota Prado front

2016 Toyota Prado Interior and Exterior

The internal cabin will not be changed much from its predecessor. The space is not being much to talk about although passengers at the back are sure get a high rear seat. It’s cabin gets the standard features in the form of audio system, steering wheel wrapped in high quality leather, electric front seats, USB connectivity, Bluetooth, automatic climate control etc. There will also be an 8-inch touch-screen display on dashboard which would act as a navigation system and help in easier driving.

The exterior appearance too, will not be changed much from previous generation. The noticeable differences are visible in the form of a slightly redesigned bumper and radiator grille. There will be LED headlamps and rear lamps in 2016 Toyota Prado. High quality chrome detailing and plastic has been used on external surface. You can find 17-inch alloy wheels embellished on side portions.

2016 Toyota Prado interior

2016 Toyota Prado Engine / Fuel Economy

The car will be powered by a 2.8 L diesel engine with 4-cylinder inline configuration, generating a peak torque of 450 Nm and a maximum power of 130 kW. A new engine with 4-cylinder inline configuration that offers 13 percent less mileage is going to come up, wooing the buyers. 2016 Toyota Prado engine will be paired with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. There are some indications that you can also find a 7-speed automatic transmission gearbox as an extra option.

This will be a fuel-efficient car so that it can return a mileage of 3.4 gallons per 100 miles on busy city roads with manual transmission and as much as 3.8 gallons per 100 miles with automatic transmission gearbox. It is said that fuel consumption will be significantly higher than what the existing version of Prado offers at this moment.

2016 Toyota Prado Special Features

The dashboard of 2016 Toyota Prado will have an 8-inch LCD touch-screen display that would work as a navigation system and assist riders while driving the vehicle. The car would have Bluetooth, electric front seats, automatic climate control, and audio system and USB connectivity to name some other special features.

2016 Toyota Prado rear

2016 Toyota Prado Price and Release Date

The maker is still mum about exact pricing of the car. It is being supposed that the cost will vary in range of 56,000 – 82,000 USD. However, the actual cost can be higher and the base models may come in range between 60,000 to 89,000 USD. Check on your budget before investing. There is no exact information about availability of this car from the manufacturer. 2016 Toyota Prado is likely to show its face sometime in early 2016 as known so far. So if you are hooked to it, patient waiting is not for long! Remain glued! The biggest rivals of this model are Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

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