2016 Scion Tc Concept

This 2016 Scion Tc is a new generation sport car coupe and it is a division of Toyota brand that is produced specifically for the North America Market. This car is going to suffer major changes and restyling both on the interior and the exterior part of it. The front end of this car is the part that is going to come with obvious changes that will make this car unique from the previous model in the market. There is going to be new front bumper, headlight, air intakes and others associated with the front end of this car.

2016 Scion Tc front

2016 Scion Tc Engine Specs

This is expected to be powered with the same 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine just like the previous model in the market. This wonderful engine is able to offer 180 horsepower. Therefore, there is not reliable information about the particular engine that will replace this 2.5-liter engine of the formal model. The transmission system is also anticipated to be just the same with the previous version which is 6-speed automatic transmission.

The fuel economy associated with 2016 Scion Tc is expected to be more than the one offered by the 2015 model. In fact this car will be available with fuel economy of 26 mpg for within city drive and 35 mpg for those that want to take their ride to the highway. Really, with the high fuel economy associated with this car, it is going to stand strong and tall in competition with other brands in the same category.

2016 Scion Tc Exterior and Interior Concept

The exterior part of this car will be available with great redesign and amazing features that will make it the best choice for those that prioritize appearance in their ride. The front end is coming with modern headlight with different shape and design when compared with the headlight in the previous version. The front bumper also designed in amazing shape making this car to look more aggressive and elegant.

2016 Scion Tc rear

The interior on the other hand is loaded with features that will ensure the comfort and pleasure of the user. Some of the infotainment features you should expect in 2016 Scion Tc include Radio receiver, audio system with quality speaker, touch screen display, well furnished seat and others. For the safety features there are many of them making this car one of the well secured and security oriented vehicle. The security features include, stability control system, traction control system, quality braking system, airbags both for the driver and the passenger, seatbelt and others.

2016 Scion Tc interior

2016 Scion Tc Release Date and Price

The actual release date for this car has not been made known to the public by the automaker but it is anticipated that it will hit the world car market before the end of 2015. The price is not also certain and precise as the automaker has not released any information about that. In term of competition, this 2016 Scion Tc is going to stand in close competition with oodles of cars. Some of the main competitors include; Kia Florte, Honda Civic, 2016 Volkswagen Golf R and others.

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