2016 MINI Cooper Convertible Release Date

The 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible is a new five door in the market. It will be offered for sale in the end of this year. There are some exciting features in this model like more seating capacity and storage space. There are present three rows of seats to accommodate seven passengers. The front and rear end of this vehicle will also show some changes. The company has decided to install a powerful engine into this model. The installation of advanced safety equipments will also catch the attention of customers. The exterior design will cover combination of several colors to give a new look.

2016 MINI Cooper Convertible front

Design & Specs of 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible

The exterior of this mini cooper will possess remarkable changes like modified bumper, small grille and new side mirrors. These changes will make the front appearance unique. The rear end of this vehicle will also possess some changes in the form of small bumper and rear view camera. The use of carbon and aluminum will make the body of this vehicle strong. The wheel size will increase and we can expect the size of wheel around 21 inch. The alloy wheel frame will made from steel.

2016 MINI Cooper Convertible rear

The interior specs of 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible are most attractive and advanced. The key changes include spacious interior, leather seats and safety equipments. The increase in interior space will help to store extra luggages inside. The three rows of seats are present inside. The space between seat rows is sufficient. The passengers on rear seats can easily stretch their legs to have relaxation. The use of leather material will make the seats durable and comfortable. The dashboard will be attractive because of its black color and touch screen. The entertainment equipments will include LCD, speakers and radio. The sources of communication will include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and internet. These features will make this model best in its class.

2016 MINI Cooper Convertible interior

The safety equipments of 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible are advanced. We can expect the presence of airbags, alarms, seat belts and tracker in this model. The presence of parking sensors and satellite navigation system will improve the safety of this vehicle.

2016 MINI Cooper Convertible Engine Specs

The information about engine specs of 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible is not available yet but we can expect that this model will possess 3.1 liter four cylinder engine. The output of power and torque will be around 200 horsepower and 180 lb/ft respectively. The six speed automatic transmission system will make this vehicle perfect. On the basis of trials we can say that it will acquire the speed of 60 mph within 5 seconds.

The presence of 3.1 liter engine will improve the fuel economy of this model. We can estimate the fuel economy of this vehicle around 30 MPG on all types of road conditions.

2016 MINI Cooper Convertible Price and Release Date

The price of 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible will be around 50,000 dollars. This model will arrive in the market in 2015.

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