2016 Mini Clubman Review, Specs

The BMW owned iconic British car manufacturers, Mini is all set to come out and play hard ball with its opponents as they pull up their socks in order to proceed with the launch of their latest Mini Clubman. This second generation production car, Clubman, has been redesigned and in a way, has been re discovered by the creative designers and engineers. It will be a huge development coming from its predecessor and will have a lot of new features like a new conventionally designed door handles and stylish bumpers. All in all, this brand new 2016 Mini Clubman is a treat to the eye with all its doors open and closed and will be a sure buy if you do not want to miss out on a British icon.

2016 Mini Clubman front

2016 Mini Clubman Platform of Built

With the advent of BMW in the ownership name, quite a few things have gone upscale with this British car manufacturer. One of these few things that must be mentioned is the platform of built of the cars. They have been taken to a whole new level. This 2016 Mini Clubman sits on a new BMW platform, known as the UKL1 platform which supports front wheel drive and is also being available on the Mini F56, which is another sibling of this 2016 Clubman.

This new UKL1 platform also shares underpins with BMW 2 Series Active Tourer car which makes this platform all the more trustworthy. Speaking in mechanical terms, this new BMW UKL1 platform will be sharing all of its major components with the hatchback version of Mini which means, it will also include the similar rear suspension which works independently. BMW has refrained from using cheaper and cost saving torsion beam at the rear end which would have been space effective and also drive effective, making it a better car to drive like the Mini hatchbacks. But it has given way for better things like a three row seating arrangement.

2016 Mini Clubman

2016 Mini Clubman Styling and Designing

This latest 2016 Mini Clubman is a beautiful six door beast and shows off a pair of boot panels which are having a barn style. All these give a look to the car that makes it much more family oriented. Also another remarkable feature about this car is that it is the biggest estate, in fact, biggest car that Mini has ever come up with.

Measuring somewhat a bit larger than 4.2 meters in length, it easily takes over Mini’s Countryman which measures 4110 mm in length, that too in its biggest Cooper S variant. It has also become a tad wider at 1844 mm. these statistics assert how much spacious this car will become and how much comfort it will be when it comes to housing passengers.

2016 Mini Clubman interior

2016 Mini Clubman Engine Specs and Power

2016 Mini Clubman comes powered with either a 1.5 L inline-three cylinder or a 2.0 L inline-four cylinder engine which will be running on gasoline or diesel respectively. These will be mated to a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission and will produce 228 BHP.

2016 Mini Clubman Price and Release Date

2016 Mini Clubman will be available come fourth quarter, this year. It will be $1500 more than normal non-Clubman hatches.

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