2016 Mercedes GLK Class, Release Date

From the moment Mercedes announced their concept of the 2016 edition of GLK it has been causing waves in the automobile market. It’s one of those rare crossovers SUV, which gives equal focus on Looks as it does on performance. It was introduced in the European market in 2009 and due to its instant success; it was released in North American market the very next year. It is classified under compact crossover SUV and comes in a basic 5-door body. Manufacture takes place in several countries namely Germany, Egypt, Vietnam and China. Both front wheel drive and four wheel drive models are released simultaneously. The 2016 Mercedes GLK is expected to come with several features, which will blow you away as it goes way beyond expectation. It will be certainly interesting to watch out how many of their promises they can actually keep up.

2016 Mercedes GLK front

2016 Mercedes GLK Exterior and Interior

In looking at 2016 Mercedes GLK you will find no striking difference from any of its previous versions but you would definitely be able to feel that this time the model is a bit sleeker and sportier. Front portion would contain a sporty three sectional grille with company logo in the middle of it. It would be accompanied by satin LED headlights on both sides. The hood of the car has been slimmed down this time around. On the rear section one may observe a newly designed taillight along with other minor modifications. Many designing similarities can be found with Mercedes C-class. It shares its modular platform with C-class, which provides options for suitable design in case of both right hand and left hand drives. Along with these changes, it would also have a wide base along with larger wheels.

2016 Mercedes GLK interior

Due to a large base and wide platform, it would have a large interior for sufficient accommodation. The technically equipped as well as stylish dashboard improves glamour quotient in the vehicle. On top of the dashboard would be an LCD display screen which is at a perfect eye level. There would surely be several other features which are expected from a Mercedes vehicle such as multi zone climate control, rear view camera, cruise control, etc.

2016 Mercedes GLK Engine Specs

The 2016 Mercedes GLK would come with several engine options. There would be both turbo diesel and turbocharged petrol engine which would be mated to either seven speeds or nine speed automated gearbox. According to latest reports there would be a twin turbocharged 4.0 L V8 engine. If you want to go for something lower you can choose the base engine which is a 2.1 L 4 cylinder engine with a power generation capacity of 241 HP. More details would be soon released.

2016 Mercedes GLK Release Date and Price

Release date is expected in late 2015 and the price for the base model will be around $ 40,000. One thing for sure is, it will be not easy for 2016 Mercedes GLK to face a strong competition.

2016 Mercedes GLK rear

The compact SUV range is nowadays filled with other top class vehicles such as Audi Q5, BMW X3, Land Rover Discovery sport, etc. But as far as specifications go, it seems like Mercedes GLK would top them all.

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