2016 Mercedes GLE Price

After being presented at the North American International Auto Show, the 2016 Mercedes GLE has generated a lot of hype in the recent months. Based on its specifications, we can understand that the German automaker is taking things up a notch to counter their rivals BMW’s X6 model. Appearance wise, this coupe model bears a striking resemblance to SUV units and promises to feature advanced on-road dynamics. The luxury coupe also promises to bring forth a revolution in engine performance with this vehicle offering some of the best fuel economy rates.

2016 Mercedes GLE front

2016 Mercedes GLE Exterior Features

To begin describing this vehicle, we can start from its exterior that looks no less than outstanding! The 2016 Mercedes GLE front has a dual bar grille to allow enough intake of air, LED headlights and deep fascia. Its brake rotors are visible from outside and look drilled for front and rear ends. It will ride proudly on 22 inch alloy wheels with AMD cross spoke. Its suspension will be further revamped to allow driving through not just roads, but other rough terrain types. Overall, this model has attained an elegant look exterior visual that speaks volumes of the brand’s luxurious roots.

2016 Mercedes GLE rear

2016 Mercedes GLE Interior Features

The 2016 Mercedes GLE will have a new and improved dashboard that will be fitted with a camera screen that will allow all-round monitoring of the vehicle. There will be comfortable leather seats, suede upholstered steering wheel and GPS system on a different screen. In addition, there will be more space in the cabin to carry an extra load of cargo. Comfort element seems to be going higher with every upcoming release from the German automaker.

Like other upcoming luxury cars, this too will be a host to a variety of technological features that look promising enough to put it in line with its competitors. Its panels will be made of fibre and have advanced safety measures like adaptive braking system, collision alerts, navigation, safety airbags, etc. Infotainment system will comprise of a great audio and touch responsive centre dashboard.

2016 Mercedes GLE interior

2016 Mercedes GLE Engine Specs

The 2016 Mercedes GLE will run on a 5.5 litre V8 twin-turbo engine capable of producing a maximum horsepower of 577 and 561 lbs.-ft. of torque. The engine will be combined with a 7-speed auto transmission along with refined engine fans to keep centrifugal changes effortless.

This car has an acceleration ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in exactly 4.5 seconds. Power output will be focused mainly at its back axle and come with all-wheel drive. The engine complies strictly with EU6 set rules that ensure maximum power and more environment-friendly emission. There will be an additional trim variant that will consume more fuel in return of intense performance.

2016 Mercedes GLE Price and Release Date

This luxury coupe is expected to cost somewhere around 100,000 US dollars for the base variant. Although, this is just based on speculation, the 2016 Mercedes GLE is officially expected to be launched during the latter part of 2016. It might be subjected to change if Mercedes decides to change any more details on this car.

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