2016 Mercedes E-Class Redesign, Interior

Mercedes E-class is a range of luxury executive vehicles which is extremely popular across Europe and North America. It has been on the road for a long time, but whenever a new model is released, it always brings with it a new range features. Production started from 1993 and is currently 4 generations old. The 2016 model will be the first 5th generation model to be released. Thus 2016 Mercedes E-Class is expected to be on a whole new level.  

2016 Mercedes E-Class front

2016 Mercedes E-Class New Features

Going by the concept of 2016 Mercedes E-Class released by Mercedes, there would be several features one needs to watch out for in this vehicle. Unlike previous versions which were lacking a charismatic design, this one would come with a glamorous exterior look which is often rare in executive vehicles. It will have some amazing gadgets and equipments. There would also be several engine options; along with the basic V6 there would also be in-line 6 cylinder option to improve its economy. There would be a luxurious Gold Class cabin, which has always been a trademark for Mercedes. Models with hybrid engine would also be released simultaneously. There would also be a two-door coupe version with a cool and chic body style.

2016 Mercedes E-Class side

2016 Mercedes E-Class Exterior and Interior Redesign

An exterior design of 2016 Mercedes E-Class would be way more glamorous and aggressive than its previous editions. It will weigh much less than all the previous versions, especially because aluminium would be used in large quantities. Unlike previous versions which were flat with sharp edges, this one would have a lot of curves in its body. It will have a slit like rectangular grille accompanied by two sleek pointed headlights. Some spy shots available on the internet suggest a sporty yet elegant design.

Well, since it is a Mercedes vehicle, you surely won’t have any complaints regarding luxury and comfort. Even as the car would be losing its boxy appearance, it would surely not have its cabin space reduced much. 2016 Mercedes E-Class would come equipped with several gadgets and new technologies like infotainment system, magic body control system, etc.

2016 Mercedes E-Class interior

Level of comfort and luxury provided by this vehicle would surely be able to match BMW 5-Series and to Audi A6, which are main competitors of this sedan. More information would be released in time.

2016 Mercedes E-Class Engine Specs

Mercedes is looking to make several improvements in the department of engineering for 2016 E-Class. Along with its V6 engine, it will now use inline six cylinder engines. The 2.9 L six cylinder diesel engine will generate 313hp while in the twin turbo version the power would rise up to 400 HP. There would also be several hybrid editions which, along with a 2.0 L engine will carry an electric motor ofan 82HP output. It has not yet been confirmed, but there might be a V8 engine option as well.

2016 Mercedes E-Class Release Date and Price

It would be released in the first quarter of 2016. As for starting price nothing has been confirmed yet by the company.

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