2016 Mazda 2 Release Date, USA

The Mazda 2 is almost ready to be out in the market after receiving its present facelift. The 2016 Mazda 2 should be your lookout if you are planning to buy a car in affordable range. This time Mazda 2 has got a mid range specification with nimble chassis and interior design has been enhanced. Most technological consoles have been upgraded to their latest ones. There are two leaked photos of upcoming Mazda 2 that is to come next year.

2016 Mazda 2 front

2016 Mazda 2 Resembles Hazumi Concept

One of those photos reveals a concept called Hazumi which has made its debut in the present year’s auto show of Geneva. It is being said that 2016 Mazda 2 looks like that of Hazumi except the fact that Hazumi has got bigger wheels. Another compliment for Mazda 2 is that it also resembles the hatchback Mazda 3. This time special care has been taken from the interior. Interior design now has received a sport car feel along with luxurious seats and dashboard items.

2016 Mazda 2 Dashboard

The dashboard is less clumsy now and has been lowered down a bit. There is a similarity between Mazda 2 and Mazda 3. Just like the Mazda 3, Mazda 2 has got two designs of the gauge cluster. One of the designs has got a speedometer functioning digitally which is embedded in centralized tachometer. Another version has got a central speedometer with a smaller tachometer functioning digitally.

2016 Mazda 2 interior

2016 Mazda 2 Engine Specs

As far as engine specification is concerned, 2016 Mazda has got a 1.5 liter engine with four cylinders which runs on gasoline as its base version. This engine has been especially made for people of the USA. For customers of Europe and Japan, Mazda 2 will be available with a 1.5 liter Skyactiv-D engine with four cylinders which runs on diesel. There will be two more versions for Europe and Japan with a 1.5 liter engine with four cylinders running on gasoline and a 1.3 liter engine with four cylinders as well running on gasoline.

Both these two versions are also powered by Skyactiv-D engines. The cars that will be available in Japan will produce power of just 91 HP with a torque of 89 lb ft. There will be another version with a 1.5 liter engine running on diesel for the people of USA. This engine can produce a power of 103 HP with a torque of 184 lb ft.

2016 Mazda 2 side-sedan

Speed transmission of 2016 Mazda 2 is six and is controlled manually. This front two wheel driven car is really a very small one and is a budget car. It has got most of the essential consoles that one needs in a car with a decent performance. Mazda is popular for producing cars which most people can afford. They do not compromise on quality for making cars cheaper.

2016 Mazda 2 Price and Release Date

2016 Mazda 2 has been fixed with a price of only $15,500 which is very cheap. You hardly get such wonder cars in present day at such a price. The company has not yet revealed any detail about the fuel economy of this car. Do check out for more info of this car and get a Mazda 2 for yourself. Mazda 2 2016 is expected on the market in late 2015 or early next year.

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