2016 Lincoln MKX Review, MSRP

Lincoln has decided to facelift their cars, and the MKX is one of them. 2016 Lincoln MKX is getting a total makeover this time with exciting features. This is one of their popular crossover cars, but they felt that it should receive a facelift now. Facelifts take place due to many reasons, and one of them is to keep the car updated to become present generation cars. Another important reason to facelift a car is to implement few suggestions made by their customers.

2016 Lincoln MKX front

2016 Lincoln MKX Need for a facelift

When you buy software, you often receive many updates from its maker for a few years or so. Just like that, facelifts are prepared to simply install an update and upgrade it. This car has got a classic appearance just like most other cars of Lincoln. This is one specialty of this brand that works hard just to give a breathtaking appearance of their cars. 2016 Lincoln MKX has got a longer bonnet which provides a conservative American style you would have seen in 1970s.

2016 Lincoln MKX Exterior and Interior

Lincoln has done the same thing with their upcoming MKS, which is also going to receive a facelift. This makes an exact space for engine along with the other spare parts and machineries that a car needs. The grille is another attractive part of Lincoln MKX, which is made up of horizontal slits of metals and is divided into two parts. One part lies on the left and another on its right. Brand logo has been embedded in the center gap between two parts of the grille. Headlights lie very close to the two parts of the grille, which are consisting of LED. LEDs are fast replacing traditional headlights due to their impressive advantages.

2016 Lincoln MKX side

LEDs are very cheap and run for a longer time with less maintenance. They also provide bright light of white color which was not similar to the traditional headlights. Ground clearance is low in this MKX, which has been made purposely so as to maintain that elegant feel in this car. Higher ground clearance reduces the lavish appearance of any car and is made for SUVs mostly. Stylish sedans are meant for on road drives and so they have low ground clearance.

2016 Lincoln MKX will be powered by MyLincoln Mobile application with the help of which you can locate, unlock, lock and start your car. Isn’t that mind-blowing? This feature just raised the standard of MKX to its next level and has made it next generation car.

2016 Lincoln MKX interior

2016 Lincoln MKX Engine Specs

2016 Lincoln MKX has got a 3.7 liter engine as its base version which can produce power of about 300 HP. It is also being said that this power rate might go up to 330 HP with a torque of over 370 lb ft. This is actually being done as a part of a competition with Lexus RX.

2016 Lincoln MKX MSRP and Release Date

2016 Lincoln MKX has been fixed with a price of around $39,800 for the base version. There are many other consoles that have been fitted inside this car which you will observe after this facelift. Prices will vary according to the version chosen. The exact release date has not yet been published, but MKX it is expected by the end of 2015.

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