2016 Lincoln MKS Redesign, Review

Lincoln has been doing the excellent inventions for a long time. They always create wonder cars which are very impressive in terms of both appearance and performance. The 2016 Lincoln MKS is an upcoming surprise in the year 2016. The best thing about them is that they always maintain their standard and try to satisfy their customers in every possible way. This time you will be witnessing a second generation of MKS.

2016 Lincoln MKS front

This facelift has been performed under the guidance of Max Wolff. He is the man who used to work in Holden and Cadillac. There are certain lines and kink put on rear part of this car inspired by 1970’s designs. These might be disliked by few people, but by taking that small risk, Lincoln has made this design. This is because; they wanted to bring American style in the latest version of MKS. They also wanted to make this car look a bit similar to their MKC crossover.

2016 Lincoln MKS Exterior and Interior Redesign

Unique selling point of the 2016 Lincoln MKS is its bonnet section which is elongated more as compared to its body. This has provided the royal feel in this car and has also provided more space for its engine and other parts to fit in easily. Grille portion has got a shape like a solid V with mesh type covering. Headlights are inclined and have shaped as that of a leaf. There are LED chains underlining each headlight box. There is another portion of the grille with horizontal bars of metal on bottom of front damper.

2016 Lincoln MKS rear

There are provisions for fog lamps as well on two corners of front damper. Alloy wheels are having standard quality with about ten spokes in each wheel. There are 21 inch alloy wheels, which are mainly responsible for holding the car erect. Ground clearance is low in this car to maintain the classic feel bestowed on rest part of this car. The MKS is not suitable for off road drive at all as can be seen from its ground clearance.

It is being said that an MKS version will receive nine speed automatic transmission in the future, which will be created by GM and Ford jointly. There will be many other versions of this 2016 Lincoln MKS. According to rumors the interior features will remain almost same. Upgrades will be done to the consoles according to its requirement only. Seat quality will be enhanced with interior space to get more comfortable.

2016 Lincoln MKS interior

2016 Lincoln MKS Engine Specs

This 2016 Lincoln MKS has got a 2.9 liter engine V6, which has got a code name of Nano. This is the base version of MKS. There is another version of this car with 3.5 liter engine V6 with Eco Boost technology, which can provide power of about 365 HP. The base version might produce power of about 300 HP. Its six-speed transmission is supposed to be controlled automatically.

2016 Lincoln MKS Price and Release Date

This latest upcoming 2016 Lincoln MKS is fixed with a price of around $39,000 for the base version and it will reach up to $41320 for higher versions. The price also depends a lot on daily exchange rates of currency, which fluctuates a great deal.

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